1. Pension schemes: repayment request for registered pension schemes (R63N)

    Use form R63N to make a request for repayment of Income Tax deducted from the investment income of a registered pension scheme.

  2. Contracted-out pension schemes: termination of contracted-out employment (CA1607)

    Use form CA1607 to tell HMRC when a scheme member is leaving contracted-out employment.

  3. National Insurance: order form for National Insurance services to Pensions industry forms (CA1586)

    Use form CA1586 to place an order for National Insurance services to Pensions industry forms.

  4. Firefighters' pension scheme: medical appeals forms

    Forms relating to medical appeals for the firefighters' pension scheme.

  5. Contracted-out pension schemes: contracted-out salary related scheme cessation - widow pensioner re-input schedule - pre 1997 (CA1569A)

    Use form CA1566A to notify HM Revenue and Customs of methods of preservation for a widower pensioner pre 1997.

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Research and statistics

  1. Local Government Pension Scheme: review of the actuarial valuations of funds as at 31 March 2016
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Local Government Pension Scheme: Fair Deal – strengthening pension protection
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  4. Firefighters' pension scheme 2015: equality statement
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