Refugee integration loan

What you'll get

How much money you might get depends on:

  • your circumstances, eg any savings you have or your ability to pay back the loan
  • how much is available - the funds are limited and loans can vary

The smallest amount you can borrow is £100.

What you can use your loan for

You can only use the loan to help you get what’s essential to help you integrate into UK society, eg housing, education or work. This includes:

  • a housing deposit, rent payment or moving costs
  • essential items for your home
  • training or retraining
  • basic living costs while training
  • work clothing and equipment

What you can’t use your loan for

You can’t use the loan to pay for items including:

  • general living costs, eg household bills and council tax
  • cars, driving lessons, driving licences and fuel costs, unless it’s essential to your work
  • paying debts
  • travel costs for family members to join you in the UK

You may be asked to prove how you spent the loan. You may have to repay it in full straight away if you don’t use it for the reason you said on your application.

Read the integration loans policy guidance to find out how you can use your loan.