Rail Accident Investigation Branch reports

38 reports

Of Type

Investigation report

Occurred Between

31 December 2006


1 January 2008

  1. Runaway at Glen Garry
  2. Investigation into runaways of road-rail vehicles and their trailers
  3. Accident near Reading station
  4. Accident at Grosvenor Bridge
  5. Road-rail vehicle runaway incidents Brentwood and Snow Hill
  6. Incident at Tooting Broadway station
  7. Collision near St John’s Wood
  8. Derailment near Exhibition Centre station, Glasgow
  9. Overspeeding incident at Ty Mawr Farm Crossing
  10. Accident at Leatherhead
  11. Operating irregularity, Aylesbury
  12. Collision on Leighton Buzzard narrow gauge railway
  13. Signal passed at danger, Didcot North Junction
  14. Collision, Lydney Town level crossing
  15. Derailment at Duddeston Junction
  16. Collision near Limavady Junction
  17. Collision near Burton on Trent
  18. Runaway at Camden Road Tunnel
  19. Derailment near Mile End station
  20. Derailment at Ely
  21. Incident at Wellesley Road
  22. Tube train driven in the wrong direction, Camden Town
  23. Passenger train derailment, Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway
  24. Derailment at King Edward Bridge
  25. Collision at Pickering station, North Yorkshire Moors Railway
  26. Fatal accident, Ruscombe Junction
  27. Derailment at Cromore
  28. Collision at Leighton Buzzard
  29. Derailment of a tram, Seaton
  30. Near miss at Tinsley Green Junction
  31. Derailment at Grayrigg
  32. Collision at Aylesford
  33. Derailment at Birmingham Snow Hill
  34. Runaway and collision at Armathwaite
  35. Fire on tram at Blackpool
  36. Derailment of tram at Pomona
  37. Derailment at Kemble
  38. Derailment in Hooley Cutting