Report 45/2007: Collision at Leighton Buzzard

Collision between train and vehicle, Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway, 25 March 2007.


On 25 March 2007 a train on the Leighton Buzzard Railway collided with a car at low speed on a level crossing at Shenley Hill Road, on the outskirts of Leighton Buzzard. There were no injuries caused by the accident, and the car and train received only superficial damage.

The immediate cause of the incident was the car driver failing to stop at the give way sign immediately before the level crossing. Contributory factors to the driver’s failure to stop were his inability to see the train due to excess vegetation around the highway, his possible distraction by passengers, his perception of the crossing, and the presence of another road vehicle as he approached the crossing.

RAIB has made three recommendations as a result of the incident, targeted at Bedfordshire County Council and Leighton Buzzard Railway. These involve:

  • the operation and visibility of crossings
  • the management of vegetation
  • signage at level crossings.

Response to recommendations:

  • RAIB will periodically update the status of recommendations as reported to us by the relevant safety authority or public body.
  • RAIB may add comment, particularly if we have concerns regarding these responses.

RAIB Recommendation response for Leighton Buzzard

Published 10 December 2014