Police and crime commissioners

Contact your police and crime commissioner (PCC) to make a suggestion or a complaint about how your local area is policed.

PCCs are elected in areas of England and Wales to make sure that local police meet the needs of the community. They are responsible for:

  • how your area is policed
  • the police budget
  • the amount of Council Tax charged for the police
  • the information you get about what the local police are doing
  • appointing and dismissing the chief constable (the most senior police officer for the area)

Deputy mayors for policing and crime

In Greater London, Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire the mayor holds the responsibilities of a PCC. The mayor appoints a deputy mayor for policing and crime who is delegated some of these responsibilities. It is the mayor who is directly elected and accountable to the public.

Police, fire and crime commissioners

Some PCCs are also responsible for local fire and rescue services. They’re known as police, fire and crime commissioners (PFCCs). There are PFCCs in Essex, Northamptonshire, North Yorkshire and Staffordshire.

As well as their responsibilities as a PCC, PFCCs:

  • set the fire and rescue objectives for their area
  • are responsible for the fire and rescue service budget
  • appoint and dismiss the chief fire officer (the most senior fire and rescue officer for the area)

Contact your PCC, PFCC or deputy mayor for policing and crime

Find the contact details for your PCC, PFCC or deputy mayor for policing and crime.

How to complain

To complain about your PCC, PFCC, mayor or deputy mayor for policing and crime, contact your local police and crime panel. Your local council will provide contact details.

If you think your PCC has broken the law, the panel will refer your case to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). You can also contact the IOPC directly.

Independent Office for Police Conduct

Telephone: 0300 020 0096
Minicom: 020 7404 0431
Fax: 020 7404 0430
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
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