1. Overview

When you buy a personalised number, you’re buying the right to assign the number to a vehicle and display it on its number plates. The vehicle can be registered in your name, or in the name of someone else (‘the nominee’).

  1. Buy a personalised number from DVLA Personalised Registrations online, at an official DVLA auction or from a dealer or motorist in a private sale. You’ll receive a certificate of entitlement (V750) as proof that you can use this number.

  2. Assign the registration number to your vehicle, or your nominee’s vehicle.

  3. Get your personalised number plates made up.

Renewing your right to the number and making changes

You can renew the certificate for a further 10 years.

You can renew your certificate, change your details and add or change a nominee via your online account.

Transferring or retaining your number

You can also transfer your number to another vehicle, or retain your number - this means removing it from your vehicle and keeping it until you want to assign it again.

You must tell your insurance provider about any changes to your registration number.