Buy a private number

Buy from DVLA

You can buy new numbers from DVLA Personalised Registrations.

Buying at DVLA auctions

There are auctions across the country about 5 times a year. You can see a list of the numbers coming up for auction.

You can bid in person, by phone, in writing or online.

You’ll get a V750 certificate of entitlement once you’ve paid for the private (personalised) number. This is to prove that you have the right to put the number on a vehicle (‘assign’ it).

Buying from a private dealer or person

You can buy a private number from a dealer or from another person.

Most dealers will transfer the number to your vehicle for you. If you want to keep or assign the number yourself, ask the dealer if you can have the V750 or V778.

  1. Step 1 Buy a private number

  2. Step 2 Assign your private number to a vehicle

  3. or Keep your private number

    You do not have to assign your number to a vehicle.

    You must renew your right to use the number every 10 years.

    1. Check how to renew your number
  4. Step 3 Get a new number plate made

    If you assign your private number to a vehicle you must get a number plate made up from a registered supplier.

    1. Check the rules for number plates
    2. Check what documents you need to get a number plate made
    3. Find your nearest number plate supplier