Give up your right to use a private number

You might get a refund of £80 if you have the right to use a private number but you decide not to assign it to a vehicle.

This refunds the £80 fee you paid when you either:

  • bought the number (the fee was included in the cost)
  • took the number off a vehicle

You can apply for a refund if:

  • the number was not assigned to any vehicle after you paid the fee
  • you have the latest V778 or V750 document - if you’ve lost it and it’s still valid you can get a replacement from DVLA

If the document was issued before 9 March 2015, you can only get a refund once it expires. You cannot get a replacement document if it’s expired.

Tick the ‘Give up the right to this registered number (surrender)’ section of the V778 or V750 document, sign it and send it to:

DVLA Personalised Registrations
SA99 1DS

You cannot use the private number after you give up your right to it.

  1. Step 1 Buy a private number

  2. Step 2 Assign your private number to a vehicle

  3. or Keep your private number

    You do not have to assign your number to a vehicle.

    You must renew your right to use the number every 10 years.

    1. Check how to renew your number
  4. Step 3 Get a new number plate made

    If you assign your private number to a vehicle you must get a number plate made up from a registered supplier.

    1. Check the rules for number plates
    2. Check what documents you need to get a number plate made
    3. Find your nearest number plate supplier