Send your final payroll report

Send your final Full Payment Submission (FPS) on or before your employees’ last payday of the tax year (which ends on 5 April).

Put ‘Yes’ in the ‘Final submission for year’ field (if available) in your payroll software.

If you run more than one payroll under the same PAYE scheme reference (for example for employees you pay weekly and monthly), include the end-of-year information in your last report.

When to send an Employer Payment Summary (EPS)

You should send your final report in an EPS instead of an FPS if any of the following apply:

  • you forgot to put ‘Yes’ in the ‘Final submission for year’ field in your last FPS
  • your software does not have a ‘Final Submission for year’ field on the FPS
  • you did not pay anyone in the final pay period of the tax year
  • you sent your final FPS early and you did not pay anyone for one or more full tax months in the last tax year

If you’re late sending your final report

From 20 April you can send an FPS to correct your 2022 to 2023 tax year payroll data by giving the year-to-date figures.

‘Week 53’ payments

If you pay your employees weekly, fortnightly or every 4 weeks, you might need to make a ‘week 53’ payment in your final FPS of the year.

Your payroll software will work out ‘week 53’ payments for you.

In the ‘Tax week number’ field of your FPS, put:

  • ‘53’ if you pay your employees weekly
  • ‘54’ if you pay them fortnightly
  • ‘56’ if you pay them every 4 weeks

HMRC will send a P800 form to any employees who owe tax following a ‘week 53’ payment.

If you make a mistake

If you find a mistake in your final FPS of the year, what you need to do depends on the type of mistake and when you find it.

When What to do
Wrong payments or deductions By 19 April Send an additional FPS with corrected year-to-date figures, and enter ‘0’ in ‘Pay in this period’
Wrong payments or deductions After 19 April Send an FPS showing the correct year-to-date amounts.
Wrong payment date By 5 April Send an additional FPS with the correct payment date - put ‘0’ in ‘Pay in this period’ and give the year-to-date figures