Noise from roads, trains or planes

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Noise from roads

There’s no legal limit to road noise, although noise levels might be taken into account when new roads or houses and offices near roads are planned.

Planned new roads

When planning a new road local highway authorities assess how the noise at your property will change when the road opens.

If noise from a new road exceeds certain levels at your home you might be able to get sound insulation.

Contact your highway authority to apply, or if you’re worried about the noise from a planned road scheme - get their details from your local council.

Compulsory purchase and road noise

When a new road is built, it often involves the ‘compulsory purchase’ of land to make way for the road.

You might be able to get compensation if a compulsory purchase means you become affected by road noise. Find out more in the guide ‘Your property and compulsory purchase’.

After roads open to traffic

You can apply for compensation if your property value goes down because of road noise from the use of a new or altered road.