Investment schemes


  1. Certificate of residence request (CISC9)

    Use Collective Investment Schemes form CISC9 to apply for an Authorised Investment Fund certificate of residence to HMRC.

  2. Reporting fund - annual report (CISC2)

    Use form CISC2 to report your approved annual offshore funds to HMRC.

  3. Initial registration as a reporting fund (CISC1)

    Use form CISC1 to complete the initial application process to enter the reporting funds regime.

  4. Alternative Investment Fund Managers: Special Return and Notice for Restricted Profits (HNWU10)

    Use this form to make a special return on restricted profits for an Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFM) partnership that uses the AIFM mechanism.

  5. Authorised Investment Funds: interest distributions (R105 (AIF1))

    Use form R105 (AIF1) if you're a non-resident individual or company entitled to interest payments from Authorised Investment Funds (AIF) without Income Tax deductions.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Use the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) to raise money for your company
  2. Use the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme to raise money for your company
  3. List of approved offshore reporting funds
  4. Tax relief for investors using venture capital schemes
  5. Use a venture capital scheme to raise money for your company
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