What you can claim

You can usually claim for:

  • travel and parking costs
  • food and drink
  • a contribution towards your loss of earnings and other expenses

There’s a limit to how much you can claim per day.

Financial support and benefits (like Jobseeker’s Allowance) are unaffected for the first 8 weeks you’re on jury service.

Travel and parking costs

How you travel to court The court will pay
Bus or underground Cost of the ticket
Train Cost of the ticket (2nd class return fare)
Bicycle 9.6p per mile
Motorcycle 31.4p per mile
Car 31.4p per mile - ask the court for permission if you need to pay for parking
Car - for one other juror as a passenger 4.2p per mile
Car - for each additional passenger 3.2p per mile
Taxi The fare - ask the court for permission before using a taxi

Food and drink

Length of time each day you’re away from home or work The court will pay up to
Up to and including 10 hours a day £5.71 per day
Over 10 hours a day £12.17 per day

Loss of earnings and other expenses

This includes the cost of employing a child-minder or carer, if it’s outside your usual care arrangements.

Length of jury service Time spent each day Maximum daily amount you can claim
First 10 days 4 hours or under £32.47
First 10 days Over 4 hours £64.95
Day 11 to day 200 4 hours or under £64.95
Day 11 to day 200 Over 4 hours £129.91
After day 201 4 hours or under £114.03
After day 201 Over 4 hours £228.06


The court will arrange accommodation if you’re asked to stay overnight.

Make an insurance claim

You may be able to claim through your insurance policy for:

  • loss of earnings while on jury service
  • cancelling or rearranging a holiday
  • the cost to your business of you or your employees doing jury service

Ask the jury officer if you need information from the court to make an insurance claim.