6. How to claim expenses

Make your claim for expenses at the end of your jury service - and no more than 12 months after your jury service started. You’ll usually be paid 7 to 10 working days after submitting your claim form.

If the trial’s likely to last a long time (for example, several months) the court can make special arrangements for payment.

Fill in the claim form in the jury pack you were given at the start of jury service. Return it to the court with all relevant receipts.

You should also include:

  • a Certificate of Loss of Earnings if you’re working or on benefits (completed by your employer or benefits office)
  • evidence of loss of earnings if you’re self-employed, such as your most recent tax return
  • evidence of any other expenses - including childcare expenses

Childcare expenses

The person looking after your child must fill in the childcare form in your jury pack. If you’re using a registered childminder, they must include their Ofsted number on the form.

Return the childcare form to the court - you must also show the court the child’s passport or birth certificate. If a family member or friend is looking after your children, they must write a letter saying how many hours they’ve cared for your children.