Global Poverty Action Fund

A competitive challenge fund for small and medium UK and international Civil Society Organisations, focusing on poverty reduction.

The fund has been replaced by UK Aid Direct.


The fund aimed to improve the lives of poor people in the 28 DFID focal countries and the bottom 50 Human Development Index (HDI) countries by supporting projects focusing on poverty reduction and the achievement of off track Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). There were opportunities for both small and medium-sized civil society organisations.

Small UK based Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) could apply for a Community Partnership grant of up to £250,000; medium UK based and international CSOs could apply for an Impact Grant of between £250,000 and £4,000,000.


The GPAF was managed by Fund Manager, Triple Line Consulting Ltd (in a joint venture with Crown Agents):

Triple Line Consulting Ltd.
3 Princeton Court
55 Felsham Road
London SW15 1AZ

Telephone: 020 8788 4680 Any enquiries to:

Published 15 September 2014