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International development funding

  • Knowledge for Development and Diplomacy (K4D2)

    The FCDO invites proposals by 23 June 2023 to deliver its Knowledge for Development and Diplomacy (K4D2) programme, which will expand decision-makers’ access to demand-led, rapid-turnaround evidence.

  • Strengthening justice for survivors of conflict-related sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

    The British Embassy in Kinshasa invites calls for proposals on a 2-year project to strengthen justice for survivors of conflict related sexual violence (CRSV) and hold perpetrators to account.

  • UK Aid Direct

    UK Aid Direct supports small and medium sized civil society organisations, based in the UK and overseas, to achieve sustained poverty reduction and to achieve the Global Goals.

  • GSMA Innovation Fund for Climate Resilience and Adaptation 2.0

    The fund is interested in solutions that use digital technology, especially mobile, to improve resilience and adaptation to climate change.

  • CLimate, Environment And Nature (CLEAN) Helpdesk

    The FCDO invites not-for-profit organisations to submit a pre-qualification assessment by 20 March 2023 for a new 3-year programme, the 'CLimate, Environment And Nature' (CLEAN) Helpdesk.

  • UK Aid Match

    This page provides grants to UK-based civil society organisations and charities for poverty reduction projects in developing countries.

  • Girls’ Education Skills Partnership (GESP) - Challenge Fund Request for Proposals

    Aims to boost girls’ access to education and address the skills deficit in adolescent girls in developing countries. Call for innovative ideas to address this problem and support transitions to employment.

  • UK-South Africa Urban Resilience Programme

    Call for proposal for the provision of technical assistance for building data, technology and evidence capabilities in South African cities

  • Sustainable Manufacturing and Environmental Pollution (SMEP) Programme

    Market-aligned interventions for cleaner production in the textiles value chain in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Call for Concepts to identify interventions that contribute to reducing waste and manufacturing pollution …

  • Advancing Gender Equality through support to Women’s Rights Organisations and Movements

    Call for Bids to lead the Advocacy and Knowledge components of new Women’s Rights Organisations (WROs) programme.

  • Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) research commissioning centre: call for proposals

    The FCDO invited proposals by 11 November 2022 to establish a commissioning centre and results platform. This will enable more agile and streamlined delivery of FCDO research, and increase impact and value for money of R&amp…

  • Sustainable Manufacturing and Environmental Pollution (SMEP) programme: reducing plastics pollution in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia (research and innovation) 2019 to 2024

    Call for concepts to pilot innovative, investible, pollution mitigation concepts in East Africa, waste-to-energy inputs and intercepting by-products.

  • Assistive Technology Impact Fund

    Combines grant capital with expert-led venture-building support, to support Assistive Technology innovators launch and scale solutions in Africa.

  • Call for bids for new Afghanistan CSSF programme

    New Afghanistan Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) seeks project proposals to help reduce localised conflict, support civil society, and protect the rights of Afghans.

  • UK Emergency Medical Team (UK EMT)

    The UK Emergency Medical Team (UK EMT) provides rapid, coordinated and appropriate medical assistance in the immediate aftermath of humanitarian disasters.

  • Climate Adaptation and Resilience (CLARE) programme

    IDRC offers grants, funding, and awards to researchers and institutions to find solutions for global development challenges.

  • GSMA Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation (M4H) Fund Management

    The GSMA M4D Foundation requires the services of a firm (the “Fund Manager”) to support the GSMA team to manage the full lifecycle of the M4H Innovation Fund with a strong focus on managing risk at every stage of the process.

  • Health service delivery and resilience in the context of extreme weather events

    This National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funding call is seeking research proposals to investigate how health services can adapt to disruption caused by extreme weather events in low and middle income countries.

  • MOBILIST Investor Research on Capital Allocation Strategies

    Research on capital allocation strategy for emerging/frontier markets, and the role of information asymmetry in shaping capital flows.

  • Global Innovation Fund

    Non-profit, impact-first investment vehicle.

  • Small Charities Challenge Fund (SCCF)

    FCDO’s centrally managed fund for small UK based not-for-profit organisations working with the poor, vulnerable and most marginalised.

  • NIHR Global Health Research Units

    Funding for well-established applied global health research partnerships between researchers in the UK and ODA-eligible countries.

  • NIHR Global Health Research Groups

    Funding for partnerships between specialist academic groups in the UK and ODA-eligible countries who wish to expand into the field of applied global health research.

  • Skills for Prosperity Programme - South Africa

    A Rapid Labour Market Information (LMI) Assessment - To inform potential post-COVID-19 support to South Africa on addressing youth unemployment.

  • Foodtrade Eastern and Southern Africa Programme

    Aims to catalyse innovative private sector investment to improve and develop regional staple food markets.

  • Technology Provider Registration for Frontier Technologies

    Frontier Technologies is a programme designed to help FCDO apply frontier technologies to development challenges.

  • UK Aid Connect

    UK Aid Connect will support consortia to create innovative solutions to complex development challenges that deliver real change to poor people’s lives.

  • Emergency Humanitarian Response Zambia

    Emergency humanitarian support for food security, livelihoods and water in drought affected areas of Zambia.

  • Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning

    Supports partnerships between UK schools and schools in developing countries to build teachers’ skills and pupils’ understanding of global issues.

  • Private Infrastructure Development Group

    Aims to encourage private infrastructure investment in developing countries that contributes to economic growth and poverty reduction.

  • ICF Colombia technical assistance

    The International Climate Fund (ICF) in BEIS, has allocated up to £2 million for technical assistance activities in Colombia through an open and competitive call for proposals.

  • ICF China Green Finance technical assistance

    The BEIS International Climate Fund (ICF) has launched a £2 million call for technical assistance activities in green finance in China.

  • Transform

    Transform is a partnership between FCDO and Unilever that pilots and tests innovative business models that meet low income household needs.

  • Forest Governance, Markets and Climate Programme

    FGMC will provide a new round of grants for projects that support governance and market reforms that reduce the illegal use of forest resources and benefit poor people.

  • Human Development Innovation Fund of Tanzania

    Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF) is a challenge fund providing grants for innovations in education, health, early childhood development and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) across Tanzania.

  • Girls' Education Challenge

    The Girls' Education Challenge (GEC) is helping up to a million of the world’s poorest girls improve their lives through education.

  • Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Innovation and Reform

    SPHEIR is an innovative higher education partnerships programme to strengthen the capacity of higher education institutions in FCDO priority countries.

  • Regional Infrastructure Programme for Africa

    To improve the quality of electricity, transport, water and telecommunications infrastructure for households and businesses across Africa.

  • Africa Agriculture Development Company

    Africa Agriculture Development Company (AgDevCo) invest debt and equity in African Agribusinesses to create jobs, improve food security and boost prosperity.

  • Logistics Innovation for Trade

    To develop and test new ideas that reduce the cost and time of transport and logistics in East Africa. Open to businesses throughout the world that are operating, or will operate, in the East African Community (EAC).

  • Common Humanitarian Fund for Somalia

    The Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) is a multi-donor pooled fund used to support the timely allocation of donor resources to the most urgent humanitarian needs in Somalia

  • Livelihood and Food Security Fund

    UK supports the Livelihood and Food Security Fund (LIFT) to increase resilience, income, food security and nutrition of rural people in Burma.

  • The Agri-Tech Catalyst

    Funding for collaborative projects, taking innovative ideas from any sector or discipline to tackle challenges in agriculture.

  • SPRING: assets to adolescent girls initiative

    A pioneering business accelerator which supported early to mid-stage ventures with products to improve the lives of girls in poverty.

  • Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund

    AECF awards grants to private sector companies to support new and innovative business models in Africa.

  • Result-Based Financing for low carbon energy access

    Offers incentive payments, on the basis of results achieved, to businesses which deliver pre-specified outputs within the low-carbon off-grid energy sector.

  • Business Call to Action

    Partnership opportunities for companies developing innovative business models that offer both commercial success and development impact.

  • Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund

    EAIF is a public-private partnership providing long-term debt finance for construction and development of private infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Business Sector Advocacy Challenge Fund: Ghana

    The BUSAC fund supports the growth of a competitive private sector in Ghana by improving the business environment.

  • Southern Africa Trust

    The Southern Africa Trust provides grants to civil society organisations representing the poor through policy development in the region.