2050 Calculator delivery partner role

Seeking an organisation to run an emissions modelling technical assistance programme aimed at influencing climate and energy policy.


This programme supports developing country governments to build their own version of the UK’s 2050 Calculator energy and emissions model, which is transparent, simple and interactive. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is looking to partner with an organisation or consortium so that the programme can be expanded.

What the fund will achieve

The aim of the programme is to move supported countries to more sustainable development pathways and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions at a faster rate through the use of the 2050 Calculator energy and emissions model.

To do this, the delivery partner will train teams in developing country governments in the modelling methodology and support them as they build Calculator models that reflect their unique circumstances. They will also give advice on how to use the models in the policy making process, for example working with stakeholders to understand their views and using the results of the model to guide decision making.

The delivery partner will make small grants where required to support projects, and will work in partnership with BEIS and UK Government staff based in each country. They will support countries to learn from each other as well by improving online resources and holding international workshops to bring people together.

BEIS is looking for an organisation or consortium that understands the Calculator methodology and shares its philosophy of openness, transparency and the power of adding evidence to a debate. They should have energy modelling skills, experience working to influence policy, and a flexible approach to allow projects to follow the interests of recipient governments.

Funding will be given as an accountable grant. NGOs, non-profits, for-profits and academic organisations are eligible to apply. However, as this is a grant, it will be limited to the delivery partner’s costs in delivering the Calculator programme (which may include a reasonable contribution to central overhead costs).

Background information on the fund

The 2050 Calculator is a revolutionarily open, transparent and interactive energy model, which was originally developed by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (now BEIS) in 2010, to help the UK Government plan the country’s low-carbon transition in an evidence-based way.

The model allows users to try out all the different options for reducing emissions and to build a pathway that meets our 2050 target. Since 2012, an ICF programme has supported 10 developing countries to create Calculators by giving tailored technical assistance. This extension will fund Calculator projects in five extra countries, and provide on-going support to existing Calculator teams in developing countries.


If you have any questions about the grant or the Calculator programme, please contact international.calculator@beis.gov.uk and laura.aylett@beis.gov.uk

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Published 20 June 2018
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