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How to buy print copies of official documents

Find out how to buy print copies of official documents (Command, House of Commons and un-numbered Act papers) and how to be listed as a supplier of print copies.

Official documents on GOV.UK

Official documents are published by government organisations and laid before Parliament by HM Government.

You can find a full list of UK Government Command, Act and House of Commons papers on GOV.UK

Buy a print copy

You can buy a print copy of an official document from these suppliers:

APS Group

Dandy Booksellers Ltd

The Stationery Office Ltd

Suppliers are not officially endorsed by HM Government or any official body.

Become a supplier

You can be listed as a supplier of official documents above if you can produce and sell professionally printed copies of official documents. To be added to the list of suppliers, send an email to the official publishing team at The National Archives.

GOV.UK does not have a single official print publisher, and subject to copyright licensing conditions, any supplier can re-use the publication’s content and sell print copies.

Many publications on GOV.UK are Crown copyright. Most Crown copyright material can be re-used under the Open Government Licence.

To re-use other copyright material permission may be needed from the copyright holder first.