Getting and using a horse passport

Apply for a horse passport

If you own the horse or related animal, you must get a passport for it before it reaches 12 months of age.

How to apply

Apply through a Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO). If you have a pedigree animal, you need to register through a PIO that manages studbooks.

Send your application by whichever date is later:

  • 30 November of the animal’s year of birth
  • within 6 months of the animal’s birth

Applications can take up to 6 weeks. How you pay depends on the PIO and type of animal.

As part of the application, you’ll need:

  • a vet to implant a microchip in your horse
  • to declare whether it can be used as food for humans when it dies - this cannot be changed later

A passport issued more than 12 months after birth will be treated as late. It will be issued as a duplicate or replacement passport and the animal cannot be used as food for humans when it dies.

There’s no expiry on horse passports - they last an animal’s lifetime.