2. Apply for a horse passport

You must be the owner of the animal to apply for a horse passport in England.

There are different horse identification rules in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

You’ll need to ask a vet to microchip your animal and fill out its identification details on the passport application form at the same time.

Your animal will have to be signed out of the human foodchain if it’s microchipped before you apply for a passport.

When to apply

You must get the foal microchipped and have a passport before it’s 6 months old, or by 31 December in the year it’s born (whichever is later).

It’s an offence if you don’t apply by this deadline. You also won’t be able to sell your animal for human food at the end of its working life.

How to apply

Apply through any Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO). You can apply online with some PIOs - otherwise use the application form they give you.

You need to register pedigree animals with a Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) that manages studbooks.

Contact a PIO if you need help filling out your application.

What to include

Your vet must fill out the microchip and identification details and sign and stamp your application form.

You may also need a diagram of the animal (‘silhouette’). The PIO will tell you if this is needed.

How much it costs

The cost varies between PIOs. Fees may be higher for pedigree animals.

When you’ll be sent your passport

You’ll usually receive your horse passport within 4 weeks.