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Tax Credits Manual

TCM0264080 - Renewals - miscellaneous (S-Z): Renewals - Statement of Account (Info)

A customer will receive a Statement of Account (SOA) when their entitlement to tax credits has been terminated.

Form TC607 is the SOA.

An SOA will be issued when

  • Current Year (CY) provisional payments are terminated because a full reply to a S17 notice hasn’t been received by the 1st Specified Date
  • a change of circumstances or correction ends Previous Year (PY) or earlier entitlement but there was an award or provisional award for a later year.

Note: We no longer issue award notices that require the customer to sign and return them. This functionality was switched off in April 2011.

Note: From 15 June 2018 some historical NTC notices are no longer available to issue to customers. An unavailable historical notice may be required for an appeal or tribunal, or because the original notice has been lost / damaged, or because another government department has asked for a copy of a notice. The information can only be provided from the customer’s tax credits account, we are unable to send them a duplicate or copy of the original notice.
(This content has been withheld because of exemptions in the Freedom of Information Act 2000)

An SOA will inform the customer of

  • the reason for the issue of the SOA
  • payments already made
  • payments still due
  • any overpayment (if applicable).

If an overpayment is applicable, a Notice To Pay will be issued separately after 30 days.