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HMRC internal manual

Tax Credits Manual

Claims: capture (A-C): capturing a new claim (Info)

A claim form can be accepted with any colour ink.

Note: The claim form only states that it must be completed in black ink or blue ink so that it is easier to read when it is captured using Rapid Data Capture (RDC).

If a customer uses correction fluid to make changes to the claim form, the information written over the correction fluid can be accepted.

The minimum data required to capture a claim is

  • surname and NINO


  • surname and date of birth.

If you don’t have the minimum data, you must return the claim form to the customer for them to provide the required information.

Entries maybe created on the Incomplete Applications work list if information is missing when the claim is captured.

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Details to be captured

You must capture the information (with the exception of childcare charges) exactly as it appears on the claim form, even if it looks wrong or you know it is wrong. For example, if the customer states that their annual income is £90,000, you must enter this figure. Don’t assume that the figure could be £9,000.

If income on the claim form exceeds £100,000, the claim can’t be captured by RDC and will be passed to the Manual Capture Team.

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Form TC600A

The customer will fill in form TC600A if their claim includes

  • more than two children


  • more than one childcare provider.

You must capture the details on any attached form TC600A in exactly the same manner as if the details were included on the claim form.

You must check that

  • form TC600A is the correct one for the claim you are capturing, as it may have been submitted with, or attached to, the wrong TC600
  • both forms include the customer’s personal details. If these are the same you should capture the details on both forms

or, if there is any doubt as to whether the forms are related, you must

  • capture the details on the claim form as normal. Don’t capture the details on form TC600A. Instead send form TC600A to the TCO Post Room.

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Making choices

Some parts of the claim form require the customer to make a choice or tick one of a number of choices. If it isn’t clear from the claim form which option the customer is choosing, you must leave the fields blank on the computer. For example, the customer must indicate in a joint claim which one of them is the main carer. If it isn’t clear which one is the main carer, where for example, they have indicated that both customers are the main carer, an entry will be created on the Incomplete Applications work list.

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Warning messages

If the computer finds any missing information or an invalid entry, a warning message will be displayed asking you if you want to proceed. If one of these messages displays, you must check the claim form to ensure that

  • you haven’t left the field blank by mistake

or, where there is an invalid entry

  • your entry in the field is what appears on the claim form.

If you have made a mistake, you must complete the field or correct the entry as appropriate. If you have entered on the screen what appears on the claim form, don’t make any changes.

To ensure that you capture the claim correctly, you must follow TCM0062140 and TCM0066100.

There is an Action Guide for this subject, select TCM0062140 to access it