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HMRC internal manual

Shared Workspace Business Manual

Appendices: Policies: Shared Workspace Membership

Registration and Enrolment

  1. HMRC delivers Known Facts letters SW05240 to the Customer Member care of the business address of the Customer Nominated Contact (CNC) making the request.
  2. CNCs are responsible for ensuring Known Facts letters are forwarded to their organisations’ customer members where they are located in a different office.
  3. HMRC sends out Activation letters separately to the SW User ID letters.

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HMRC Business Authorising Officer

  1. Business Authorising Officers (BAOs) have overall responsibility for their Room.
  2. The BAO is responsible for:
* The purpose and the contents of the Room
* The membership of the Room
* The use of the Room
* Security of the Room.
  1. BAOs are collectively responsible for managing the BAO Activity Inbox of their Room SW04215.
  2. CNC’s are responsible for the customer member management of a Room, however, the BAO must check all new customer member requests SW04235.
  3. BAOs must check all BAO Activity Inbox requests before approving SW04220.
  4. BAOs are responsible for checking that all new HMRC members have successfully completed the Online Learning SW02230.
  5. Where an HMRC member requests a role change to BAO, the existing BAO must be satisfied that the corresponding BAO Online Learning has been completed before authorising the change to the BAO role SW02220.
  6. BAOs must be satisfied that requests to delete an item SW04250 are valid and meet with HMRC policy and other legislative policies before authorising the requests.

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Appointing an HMRC Business Authorising Officer

  1. The Business Unit is responsible for appointing HMRC Business Authorising Officers SW05220 and for publishing any policies relating to these appointments.
  2. A BAO must be an HMRC member.
  3. There must be a minimum of 2 BAOs for each Room.
  4. A Business Unit must appoint BAOs that must have:
* Detailed knowledge of the business being conducted within the Room
* Knowledge about the HMRC members of the Room
* The ability to authenticate any customer organisation linked to the Room [SW04255]( 
* In many instances the BAO will be the manager of the HMRC Members of the Room or the team leader who has responsibility for the work being conducted within the Room, but this may not be exclusively the case
* Successfully completed the BAO Online Learning [SW02220](

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Customer Organisation Representative

  1. The Customer Organisation Representative (COR) is responsible for registering their organisation to use the Room SW04510.
  2. The COR is responsible for nominating the first two Customer Nominated Contacts for an organisation in a Room SW04520.

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Customer Nominated Contact

  1. Customer Nominated Contacts (CNCs) are responsible for managing Customer Members of their organisation within a Room.
  2. CNCs are responsible for other membership administration issues relating to that Room.
  3. CNCs must provide HMRC with their members business email address.
  4. CNCs are responsible for verifying that their members’ details are correct.

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Appointing a Customer Nominated Contact

  1. There must be a minimum of 2 Customer Nominated Contacts for an organisation in each Room.
  2. Each CNC must provide HMRC with their business postal address.