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HMRC internal manual

Shared Workspace Business Manual

Help and Support for HMRC Members: Available Help

There is a variety of comprehensive help and support available for HMRC Members listed below and in the CSIR Help & Guidance pages. To resolve issues quickly and effectively it is important that members choose the most appropriate help available.


Please remember that you should contact the ITSC only after you have exhausted the other self help resources below.


Self Help Resources

It is important that users and BAO’s make the most use of the resources available to them before raising the matter with the ITSC. Use these resources first.


Online Learning Packages

Before using Shared Workspace Members must have completed the Online Learning package(s) appropriate to their role and obtained the relevant certificate. The packages are on Kalidus{.ext}.

Product Help

This provides help with using the service. It allows members to search the help content by using keywords to find what they are looking for. Product Help is accessed in Shared Workspace by selecting the ‘?’ icon in the top right of the tool bar.

Context Sensitive Help

This provides members with help for the specific online screen they are working on. The link is found towards the bottom of the screen.

SW Business Manual

This provides Members with comprehensive guidance on using the service.

Intranet Site

If there is a known problem affecting the use of Shared Workspace this may be outlined in a message on the Shared Workspace Intranet site{.ext}.

HMRC Business Authorising Officer

If having considered all of the above options the issue remains unresolved, members should contact an HMRC Business Authorising Officer (BAO) for the Room in which they are working. It is very important to do this because the BAO may already know the answer, or other members may have already raised the same question with the BAO. The BAOs for the Room can be found by selecting the ‘members’ button on the Room’s home page. BAOs are identified by the suffix (BAO).

CDIO Customer Support Team

Approaches to this team are via the BAO only


CDIO CST can investigate general access issues for HMRC staff and Customers such as

  • Logging On
  • COR Invitation keys
  • Registration
  • Password resets
  • User ID (KF) replacements
  • Activation Tokens
  • Inability to see an eRoom


Access is via the Digital Customer Support Team.