HMRC internal manual

Shared Workspace Business Manual

SW02250 - Learning: Online Learning Packages: Customer Nominated Contact

Customer Nominated Contacts (CNC) are responsible for the Customer Member management of their Room(s).

It is essential that all CNCs have the appropriate skills and knowledge to use Shared Workspace before they access the service. This is to ensure that information security and online service performance levels are not compromised by inappropriate or inefficient use of the service.

Before a Customer carries out the role of CNC they should complete the appropriate Online Learning package which covers the following subjects,

  • Welcome
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Request to add a Member to a Room
  • Request to add new Invitee to a Room
  • Re-issue known facts
  • Request to change a Member’s role
  • Remove a Member from a Room
  • Remove Member from Organisation
  • Help and support
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Index

The package take approximately 1½ hours to complete.