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SAM113010 - Repayments: repayment work lists: w030 inhibited automatic repayments work list

Following the capture of a return on which a repayment has been requested or on receipt of a request for repayment from a Structured Action Request (SAR) through SA Online, an automatic repayment will be inhibited and a work item created on the ‘Inhibited Automatic Repayments’ work list if any of the following circumstances apply.

Note: The ‘Selected Case’ screen will identify whether or not the inhibited repayment has originated from a SAR.

Circumstance Work list entry
Budget Payment Plan signal is set B Budget Payment Plan Sig Set
Taxpayer is insolvent I Insolvency Sig Set
PCA Signal is set P Priority Collection Sig Set
Taxpayer deceased and no capacity details held on the SA record D Deceased Sig Set
Taxpayer’s address is RLS R RLS Sig Set
Welsh language signal is set W Welsh Language
No repayment signal is set N No Repayment Sig Set
Remission recorded X Remissions
Informal standover recorded S Informal Standovers
Payable order is over £150,000 L Repayment Limit Exceeded
BACS repayment is over £90,000,000 L Repayment Limit Exceeded
FBI return submitted and taxpayer address on return differs from that shown on SA record E FBI return, new taxpayer address
A return charge has not been entered on the taxpayer’s record Y Incomplete Return Capture
The repayment request is included within a return e-filed by a ‘filing only agent’ F Return filed by unauthorised agent
A combination of inhibiting factors are present C Combination
The automatic repayment function is unable to create the repayment because the number of credits making up the repayment amount exceed 150 M Maximum credits exceeded
Voluntary return received with PAYE employment page, repayment calculated, and no in-year repayment declared A Potential Over-repayment
A combination of inhibiting factors are present in conjunction with work list entry A H Combined with Potential Over-repayment

Work items will be notified to the office responsible for the processing activities by Work Management for action by the officer with the user role of Payment Processor.

A work item is not deleted automatically from this work list. The work item should therefore be deleted manually using function WORK LIST CASES on completion of the necessary action.