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Records: maintain taxpayer record: maintain company record

Why a company record is necessary

A company record will be held in the COTAX system. That record has a Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR). The same UTR is used to access the SA system.

Where a company is a member of a partnership an SA record is required for that company to enable a link to be made between the partnership record and the company.

Only one company (as partner) record is permitted in SA. Where that company becomes a partner in another partnership, the new source is entered on the same company record.

SA Return

A company should never receive an SA return.

There is, therefore, no facility to set up or maintain an SA return profile

Filing date

The presence of a company as a partner may affect the filing date of the partnership return. In such cases, the partnership return must be issued manually and show the non-standard filing date.

If either of the following apply

  • All of the partners in the partnership are companies


  • One or more, but not all, of the partners are companies, and the partnership accounting date falls in the period 1 February to 5 April inclusive

You should

* Use function AMEND TAXPAYER SIGNALS to set the Manual Return signal on the partnership record


* Note on the partnership permanent notes pad that the Manual Return signal has been set because of a non-standard filing date

Advice on non-standard filing dates is available in section ‘Returns Issue’, under the business area ‘Returns’.

There is no link between SA and the COTAX computer system. Any changes made to the company details in either system will not flow automatically to the other.

If you amend the Company details ensure that, if necessary, the office responsible for the COTAX record is notified of the changes.

SA functions

If you want to know which function(s) to use to maintain different aspects of a company’s SA record

  • Select ‘Index Of Functions’ on the left of the screen