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HMRC internal manual

PAYE Manual

Employer returns: view / maintain BROCS: contents

  1. PAYE48001
  2. PAYE48010
    Accounts Office references
  3. PAYE48015
    Banking operations - updating employer records
  4. PAYE48020
    BROCS and Class 1A NIC
  5. PAYE48025
    BROCS and collection of student loans
  6. PAYE48030
    BROCS and employer discounts
  7. PAYE48035
    BROCS and incentive payments
  8. PAYE48040
    BROCS record
  9. PAYE48045
    Capturing employer returns - effect on BROCS
  10. PAYE48050
    Cessation or cancellation rejected by banking operations
  11. PAYE48051
    Cessation or cancellation rejected by banking operations (Action Guide)
  12. PAYE48055
    Dormancy rejected by banking operations
  13. PAYE48056
    Dormancy rejected by banking operations (Action Guide)
  14. PAYE48060
    Employer data exception unit (EDEU)
  15. PAYE48065
    Function View BROCS: Format 1 - employer data general summary
  16. PAYE48070
    Function View BROCS: Format 2 - employer data year summary
  17. PAYE48075
    Function View BROCS: Format 3 - postings summary
  18. PAYE48080
    Function View BROCS: Format 3A - SL postings summary
  19. PAYE48085
    Function View BROCS: Format 4 - posting details
  20. PAYE48090
    Function View BROCS: Format 5 - actions
  21. PAYE48095
    Function View BROCS: Format 6 - prime designatory data
  22. PAYE48100
    Function View BROCS: Format 7 - agent designatory data
  23. PAYE48105
    Function View BROCS: Format 8 - general designatory data
  24. PAYE48110
    Function View BROCS: Format 9 - designatory data for ASN
  25. PAYE48115
    Memo from banking operations - new or cancelled sub account
  26. PAYE48116
    Memo from Banking Operations - new or cancelled sub account (Action Guide)
  27. PAYE48120
    Next action codes
  28. PAYE48125
    Previous action codes
  29. PAYE48130
    Reminding actions for returns
  30. PAYE48131
    Reminding actions for returns (Action Guide)
  31. PAYE48135
    Types of posting on BROCS InfoArchive