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HMRC internal manual

PAYE Manual

Employer returns: BROCS InfoArchive Viewer: previous action codes

Format 5 displays the last and previous actions that have been taken in the pursuit of an annual return or payment for a particular tax year. The last and previous actions taken are identified by a word or abbreviated code. The following table provides details of those actions you are likely to see on a BROCS InfoArchive record and, a brief description for each.

Note: From 6 April 2004 the Income Tax (Pay As You Earn) Regulations 2003 replaced the Income Tax (Employments) Regulations 1993. The following text refers to the new Regulation numbers, however some forms and functions refer to the old Regulation number.

Code Description
AUTOINT Interest can be calculated automatically
AUTOREA Automatic reallocation
AUTORPI RPI can be calculated automatically
C1A Class 1A NIC signal set
C50 Cheque returned to employer
CALLED Personal call made on employer, agent
CALLIN Employer, agent called in at office
CANC1A Class 1A NIC signal unset
CANCLSUR Clerical surcharge signal unset
CANDEFAPP Default appeal signal unset
CANDEFLT Default unset
CANEDI EDI signal unset
CANENF Enforcement signal unset
CANFBI FBI ‘Enrolled’ signal unset
CANINC Incentive payment removed
CANIRE Cancelled internet registered employer
CANP35 Request for annual return cancelled
CANP35MT Request for annual return cancelled
CANSC35 Request for annual return cancelled
CANPLA Permanent local action cancelled
CANP11DB P11D(B) cancelled
CANPHOEN Phoenix signal unset
CANSEGMNT Existing segmentation value has been set to ‘0’ (will always appear in tandem with SEGMENT see below)
CANSLOAN Student loan signal unset
CANWFTC WFTC signal unset
CCP Count Court proceeding case
CID Caseworker identity
CIS36 CIS36 issued
CLERINT Clerical interest set
CLERREPT Clerical repayment
CLERRPI Clerical RPE set
CNA Next action changed
CNAAUTO Instalment set to AUTO via CNA
CNACLEAR Instalment cleared via CNA
CNC Change of collection numeral
CONTINLA LA continued following payment
CTD Certificate of tax deposit
DCHLTR Dishonoured cheque letter to employer
DCHMEM Dishonoured cheque memo
DEFAPP Default appeal signal set
DEFAULT Number of times employer has made late payment
DEFLTTR Default letter issued
DISTRAIN Distraint case
DN1P Notice to employer of underpayment. PAYE for example
DN2 - DN7 Various demands for payment
DN3S 3rd demand note (Scotland)
DTR District reminder
EDI EDI signal set
EFILECAN E filed signal unset
EFILESET E filed signal set
ENF Enforcement signal set
ENV Envelope
EO - CLEAR Sub account cleared at Enforcement Office
FBI FBI ‘enrolled’ signal set
FCC Foreign currency cheque
FORM87X Form C87X issued to the Processing Office
FORM154 Form C154 issued to the Processing Office
IDMSACTN Update received from IDMS
INC Instalment(s) cleared by the incentive payment
INCCLEAR Instalment(s) cleared by the incentive payment
INTAR1N Annual return reminder issued via the internet
INTAR2N Annual return reminder issued via the internet
INTAR1MN Annual return reminder issued via the internet
INTAR2MN Annual return reminder issued via the internet
INTAR6 Annual return reminder issued via the internet
INTP11DB P11D(B) issued via the internet
IRE Internet registered employer
LA Item referred to one of the following processing offices, Debt Management Office, Regional Office, Enforcement Office, Head Office, but no LAN has been issued
LAN Issue of Local Action Notice
LOA A Debt Management Office action which does not have a specific code
MISALLOC Payment misallocated and reallocated to CY
NEWEMP New employer
NOPBKREQ No paybook required
NORPICAL No RPI is to be calculated
P11DB P11D(B) issued
P11DBREM P11D(B) reminder issued
P35 Issue of form P35
P35AO-W Item included on list for issue of form P35(W) by Banking Operations
P35TAS P35TAS issued
P35EP Issue of relevant annual return
P35MT Issue of relevant annual return
P35PS Issue of relevant annual return
P37 Issue of relevant annual return
SC35 Issue of relevant annual return
PBK Payslip booklet
PBK-BULK Payslip booklet issued at bulk run
PHOENIX Phoenix signal set
PHONEIN / PHONEOUT Phone call from / to an employer, agent and so on
POL Issue of PAYE overpayment letter
POLCLEAR Instalment cleared by CY-1 overpayment
PON PAYE overpayment notification to NPS
POSTIN / POSTOUT Letter / memo / form received from or sent to employer, Processing Office and so on
PR1 - PR4 Various reminders for payment
R49PYT Potential Reg 80 (formally Reg 49) payment notification issued to NPS
RECEIPT Receipt issued
REPAID Repayment acknowledged as issued
RES-IDMS IDMS request to restore location action
RFI Record is working clerically at Debt Management Office
RFIX Permanent RFI set
RPICAL RPI can be calculated
SC35AO-W Welsh SC35/36 issued clerically
SEGAPP Segmentation appeal signal set
SEGMENT New segmentation value set
SLOAN Student loan signal set
SP Summary Proceedings case
SURLTTR Surcharge letter issued
SW History note set by CNA
WFTC WFTC signal set
WFTCCLR Instalment cleared by monthly PVE (Tax credits)
WTD Working with tax district