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Work management: PAYE work management system: search for work item

Normally only one work item is open at a time. To help you to deal with a telephone call while you are working on a work item it is possible to open a second work item using the search function. You are able to search the system for a specific work item. The search will be based on the NINO and can be refined based on the current ‘type’ and / or ‘status’ of the work item.

You may search for a work item, provided you have an appropriate ‘search key’, which for PAYE Work Management is restricted to

  • The NINO (work management needs the suffix)
  • Temporary reference number
  • Employer reference (for appropriate work item types)
  • The unique work item ID (this is the unique number assigned to a work item when it is created - not to be confused with the work item type)

If you wish to further refine the search you may include additional criteria such as

  • Status - Open / Closed / Bulk Rejected
  • BF status
  • Tax Year
  • Work item type

The search will return a list of any work items meeting the search criteria. The status of a work item can be open or closed.

You will be able to search for work items that meet specified search criteria. The search facility will present you with a list of work items that meet the criteria.

Any work item type can be searched for

  • Search will include

    • All work items in the work basket and all work lists
    • Any status of work item unless specified in criteria
    • Work items which are on BF
  • Search will exclude

    • Work items resolved because of merging
    • Work items resolved as duplicates

When the search is successful the data returned will be

  • Creation date
  • Work item description
  • Status
  • BF date
  • Assigned to (either workbasket or a user ID)
  • NINO

You can search and select a work item even though you may be working one selected using the [Get Next] button.

A list of work items matching the criteria will be displayed in a separate Search Results screen. The work items are not retrieved in any specific order but can be sorted by selecting the appropriate column heading

  • Highlight the work item and select the [View] button and then the [Assign] button to allocate the work item to your work list.

It is possible to assign work items to your list in bulk. The bulk assign tick box will only be available where

  • The work item status is open
  • The work item is appropriate to one of your business roles
  • The work item is not allocated to a work list
  • There is sufficient space on your work list to accept the bulk assignment

Where your work list is full you will not be given the bulk assign option.

Where there is some space available on your work list you will be given the bulk assign option but you will only be able to choose the number up to your work list limit. See Action guide tax40065.