HMRC internal manual

Inheritance Tax Manual

IHTM31303 - Assessing: manual calculation template: calculation details

Once you have selected the appropriate form type (IHTM31302), click on the Next button to enter the calculation form itself.

You must enter all the basic details about the chargeable estate, having calculated them yourself. The assessment calculations (IHTM31401) guidance will advise you what values you need to include. After entering the values, IHT threshold and rates, select Calculate.

  • The template will calculate the tax liability for you, but will not calculate anything else.
  • You must select the Calculate button each time you amend any details to include them in the tax calculation.


Enter deposits in the separate table.


The template will not calculate any interest charges or make any adjustments for deposits. You must calculate the interest charge yourself using the interest calculator (IHTM31511), and include the final figure in the appropriate box.