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HMRC internal manual

Employee Tax Advantaged Share Scheme User Manual

Schedule 2 share incentive plan (SIP): Supplementary and defined terms: Index of defined terms

Paragraph 100 provides a list of terms used in the SIP Code and sets out where they occur in the Schedule or ITEPA 2003, or where they are defined or otherwise explained in this guidance.


Schedule 2 SIP Paragraph 81A ETASSUM20110
articles of association Paragraph 99(1)  
associated company Paragraph 94 (and see paragraph 29(3)) ETASSUM28120
award of shares Paragraph 5(1) ETASSUM24110, ETASSUM24310 & ETASSUM24510
benefits code Section 63(1) ETASSUM24330, EIM20006
building society Section 989 ITA 2007  
child Section 721(6)  
close company Section 989 ITA 2007 as modified by paragraph 20(4) ETASSUM23250
company Paragraph 99(1) ETASSUM28190
the company (in relation to a SIP) Paragraph 2(2) ETASSUM20120
connected person Section 718  
consortium (member of) Paragraph 99(3) ETASSUM28190
constituent company Paragraph 4(3) ETASSUM20120
control Section 719 (see also paragraphs 37(6) and 94(3)) ETASSUM23140
distribution Section 989 ITA 2007  
dividend shares Paragraph 62(3)(b) ETASSUM24700
earnings Sections 62 & 721 (7) ETASSUM24330
eligible shares Paragraph 25(2) ETASSUM23110
employee, employed, employer and employment Section 4  
employment requirement Paragraph 15(3) ETASSUM22120
forfeiture, provision for Paragraph 99(1) ETASSUM28190 & ETASSUM23290
free shares Paragraph 2(1)(a) ETASSUM24100, ETASSUM28250
group of companies, group company Paragraph 99(1) ETASSUM28190
group plan Paragraph 4(2) ETASSUM20120
holding period Paragraph 36 (and see paragraph 67) ETASSUM24120 & ETASSUM24770
market value (of shares) Paragraph 92 ETASSUM28170
matching shares Paragraph 3(1) ETASSUM24500
notice (except in paragraph 54 or 55) Section 989 of ITA 2007  
ordinary share capital Section 989 of ITA 2007 ETASSUM23160
parent company Paragraph 4(1)  
participant (in relation to a SIP) Paragraph 5(4)  
participation in an award of shares Paragraph 5(3)  
partnership share agreement Paragraph 44 ETASSUM24320, ETASSUM28240
partnership share money Paragraph 45(2) ETASSUM24330
partnership shares Paragraph 2(1)(b)  
PAYE deduction Section 488(4)  
PAYE obligations Paragraph 99(1)  
PAYE regulations Section 684(8)  
performance allowances Paragraph 34(4) ETASSUM24140
personal representatives Section 989 ITA 2007  
plan requirements Paragraph 2(2) ETASSUM21010
plan shares Paragraph 99(1) (and see paragraphs 86 to 88) ETASSUM23000
the plan trust Paragraph 71(3) ETASSUM26000
qualifying corporate bond Paragraph 99(1)  
qualifying employee Paragraph 8(6) ETASSUM22000
recognised stock exchange Section 1005 ITA 2007 ETASSUM23240
redundancy Paragraph 99(1) ETASSUM28190
reinvestment Paragraph 62(3)(a) ETASSUM24700
relevant employment Paragraph 95(2) ETASSUM28130
rights arising under a rights issue Paragraph 99(1) ETASSUM25140
salary Paragraph 43(4) ETASSUM24330
Schedule 2 share incentive plan (“SIP”) Section 488(4)  
shares Paragraph 99(2) (and in the context of a new holding, paragraph 87(6))  
the SIP code Section 488(3)  
tax Section 989 of ITA 2007 ETASSUM29000
tax year Section 721(1)  
trustees Paragraphs 2(2), 71(1) ETASSUM26100
trust instrument Paragraph 71(3) ETASSUM26100
withdrawal of shares from plan Paragraph 96(1) ETASSUM28150