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HMRC internal manual

Decisions and appeals for National Insurance Contributions and Statutory Payments

Main contents page for NIC, employment status and statutory payments decisions and appeals;

  1. DANSP00100
    About this guidance
  2. DANSP00200
    Where to get help
  3. DANSP01000
    Legislation: Contents
  4. DANSP04000
    Tribunals Reform from 1 April 2009
  5. DANSP04500
    Decisions and appeals before 1 April 2009
  6. DANSP05000
    HMRC’s Litigation and settlement strategy
  7. DANSP05500
    Summary of dispute resolution process
  8. DANSP07000
    Use of terms
  9. DANSP07100
    How National Insurance and employment status disputes arise
  10. DANSP07200
    How statutory payments disputes arise
  11. DANSP07300
    Giving an opinion
  12. DANSP07400
    Mandatory submissions to PAYE, SA & NIC: Contents
  13. DANSP08000
    No right to an appealable decision
  14. DANSP08100
    Right to an appealable decision
  15. DANSP08200
    Statutory payments: Contents
  16. DANSP08600
    Disputes outside HMRC jurisdiction
  17. DANSP08700
  18. DANSP08800
    The Adjudicator and the Parliamentary Ombudsman
  19. DANSP09000
    Judicial Review
  20. DANSP10000
    Human Rights legislation
  21. DANSP12000
    What are decisions
  22. DANSP12500
    When to make decisions: Contents
  23. DANSP13000
    Who makes decisions: Contents
  24. DANSP14000
    Time limits for making decisions: Contents
  25. DANSP15000
    Decision types: Contents
  26. DANSP26000
    Disputes for which there are no appealable decisions
  27. DANSP26100
    Department for Work and Pensions or the Social Security Agency ask for a decision
  28. DANSP26200
    Evidence required to make statutory payments decisions: Contents
  29. DANSP26700
    Recording National Insurance contributions on SAFE
  30. DANSP26800
    Recording underpayments of National Insurance contributions in National Insurance Contributions Office
  31. DANSP27000
    Notices of decision: Contents
  32. DANSP43700
    Recording decisions on NPS (formerly NIRS2)
  33. DANSP44000
    Varying decisions: Contents
  34. DANSP45600
    Superseding decisions
  35. DANSP46000
    Co-ordinating action on National Insurance contributions decisions and income tax determinations or assessments: Contents
  36. DANSP47000
    Recovery of unpaid National Insurance contributions referred to the Courts
  37. DANSP48000
    Confidentiality: Contents
  38. DANSP50000
    Appeals: Contents
  39. DANSP55000
    Reviews: Contents