Youth Custody Service Placement Team

How to contact the Youth Custody Service Placement Team about a child or young person in, or sentenced to, custody

When a child or person under 18 is remanded or sentenced to custody, the Youth Custody Service (YCS) decides where to place them. You can find out more about this process in the Placing young people in custody: guide for youth justice practitioners

Telephone: 0345 36 36 36 3 to contact the YCS Placement Team for custody placement and information.

You will be presented with a number of options that you will need to select before you are put through to the right person:

  • to report a serious or significant incident please press 1
  • to book in a re-remand please press 2
  • to make a new placement please press 3
  • to discuss early release, licences, sentence calculation or temporary release please press 4
  • for all other enquiries please press 5

Please carefully select the correct option in order to reach the correct area, otherwise you may be asked to re-dial.

Sending documents

Youth offending teams (YOT) should send all documents using Connectivity, the secure system that they use to share information.

Why using Connectivity is so critical?

Failing to send documents via Connectivity increases the safeguarding risks associated with young people as information cannot be accessed easily, creating significant resource impacts for the receiving establishment, YCS and YJB.

It is vital that this assessment information is received without delay. This is in accordance with YJB Conditions of Grant and the [YCS Placements Guidance] (; enabling best management of risks and needs for children by receiving secure establishment personnel.

You are expected to ensure that Connectivity is used to provide the necessary information and performance data will be regularly provided to your YOT management board (with escalation action taken in the event of repeated failures).Therefore, please send the document(s) selected above via Connectivity without delay.

What happens if documents are sent via Secure Email?

If documents are sent via Secure Email - failure notifications will stand.

Who to contact for further questions?

Please do not contact with YCS Placements team regarding technical problems as they will not be able to assist you with your query.

If you are having technical issues with your case management system which prevent you from using Connectivity, please contact either: 1. your case management provider OR 2. i2N Support desk via or 0147 373 1230

For information, please refer and use the following secure email addresses, when applicable:

General enquiries




Mental health transfers


Occupancy data




Specialist units






North East


North West


South East and Eastern


South West




Visit the youth offending team contact details page to find out which ‘region’ your YOT is based in.

Published 1 September 2017