Report serious incidents: guide for youth justice practitioners

How youth justice practitioners should report serious incidents involving children and young people.


When a safeguarding or public protection incident happens it is important that your response is both prompt and meaningful. You should also consider how you can use the learning from them to inform areas for improvement.

Read the Youth Justice Board (YJB) commitment to safeguard statement for information on how it uses its good practice and oversight role to help the youth justice sector carry out safeguarding duties.

Community safeguarding and public protection incidents (CSPPI)

Youth Offending Teams (YOTs) must notify the Youth Justice Board (YJB) of all incidents which fall within the mandatory reporting criteria within 24 hours.

To report an incident to the YJB, log on to the community safeguarding and public protection incidents sub-system on the Youth Justice Management Information System (YJMIS).

Guidance on the CSPPI process itself is available within the YJMIS CSPPI sub-system under ‘help and support’.

What the mandatory reporting criteria are

You must report the following safeguarding incidents involving a child or young person:

  • death
  • attempted suicide
  • if they are a victim of rape

You must also report if the child or young person is:

  • charged with murder/manslaughter
  • charged with rape
  • subject to multi-agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA) and commits another MAPPA or serious offence

Read the MAPPA guidance.

The severity and circumstances of incidents can vary greatly. This will determine the need to notify and/or review the case.

Contact the YJB

If you have any queries on the CSPPI procedure, contact your local YJB business area/YJB Cymru office or email

Report serious and significant incidents in custody

A serious incident is defined as the death of a young person in custody, or while under escort.

Significant incidents include all events that:

  • will impact on the YJB’s ability to place at an establishment
  • involve highly sensitive issues that need to be brought to the attention of senior YJB managers and possibly ministers

You must report all serious and significant incidents to the YJB Placement Service by calling its 24-hour telephone number 0845 363 6363.

Read the Protocol for Reporting Serious & Significant Incidents (PDF, 69.2KB, 7 pages) for more information.

After a serious incident

Read YJB and government responses to serious incidents