Viewing interview schedules and entering interview results (vX)

Guidance for vacancy holders viewing interview schedules and submitting results, using the vX Civil Service Jobs system.

Viewing an interview schedule

Go to Dashboard then scroll to the Interview Schedule widget.

Your interviews will be displayed underneath the calendar. If the list is long, select a day in the calendar to view that day’s interviews.

Select your interview from the list, then Open Interview.

  • The Schedule tab shows interview slots and bookings in diary format.
  • The Created Slots tab shows a summary of times, bookings and interview panels.

You will only see candidates that have booked a time.

Exporting and printing a schedule

You can download a spreadsheet of the interview schedule:

  1. From the interview schedule, select Export Schedule from the menu bar.
  2. Enter layout preferences, then select Export Schedules.

Checking a candidate’s booking

To check which interview a candidate has booked, go to their Application summary, then select the Interviews tab.

Entering interview results

After interviews have taken place, scores and outcomes are added to the system.

Scores and comments can be seen by candidates after the interview results are issued.

You can either enter results directly into the system, or use a spreadsheet and upload results together.

To enter evaluations directly:

  1. From the Dashboard, select Add Interview Feedback.
  2. This shows a list of candidates who are ready for feedback.
  3. Find your candidate, then select the link in their row to view an application summary.
  4. Select the Complete Interview Evaluation button.
  5. Enter scores or outcomes in the form - you must complete mandatory questions marked with an asterisk (*).
  6. The Candidate Identity Documents section is optional.
  7. Submit - this also saves.

When the evaluation form is submitted, the candidate’s status will change to Interview ‘1 Evaluation - Feedback Captured (Not Issued)’.

Move to the next candidate using » or «, or go Back to List to view them all.

Adding candidate identity documents

Copies of identity documents should only be included for successful candidates. For candidates who are on hold, documents should only be added when they are made an offer.

Help and support

Contact your recruitment team if you need help using the system.

Published 16 July 2019
Last updated 15 January 2021 + show all updates
  1. Added link to guidance on uploading sift or interview results in bulk.

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