Uploading sift or interview results in bulk (vX)

How to upload results when you have a large number of applications.

Download the spreadsheet

  1. On the navigation panel select Applications, then Export Recruiter Form. Complete mandatory fields:
    • Form to use as template for export
  2. Select the appropriate form (for example Sift Evaluation or Interview 1 - Bulk Upload Form). Complete fields:

    • Read application data from - select Leave blank if you do not want the spreadsheet to auto-populate application IDs. If you do want the spreadsheet to auto-populate, select Read from a saved search or Read from a selection as required.

    • How many blank rows - select enough rows for the number of candidates.

  3. Select Export Recruiter Form. This will generate an excel document.

Complete and upload the spreadsheet

  1. Open this document and complete all relevant fields. Save the file, and rename the spreadsheet as appropriate.
  2. Return to the vX system and from the Dashboard select Applications, then Import Recruiter Form.
  3. In the Choose Excel File field select the Choose File button, then the saved spreadsheet from your computer.
  4. Submit.

To view this information in the system, select View Applications imported Successfully.

Bulk progress applications from imported recruiter form

If you don’t have these options, you’ll need to contact your recruiter to enable the applicants to be progressed to the next stage.

  1. Find the vacancy and select the Applications tab
  2. Select the link next to the required candidate status of imported results; for example Sift application.
  3. This will take you to the Application Search Results page - you will see a list of all candidates at that status.
  4. Click the Selected dropdown, then Select All to highlight all candidates.
  5. Select the Status button, then Other Status from the dropdown.
  6. Select the appropriate next status, for example Sift Evaluation- Feedback Captured (Not Issued) or Interview 1 Evaluation- Feedback Captured (Not Issued).
  7. Tick the Run Automatic Actions box.
  8. Select Change Status then Confirm.

Help and support

Contact the Product and Support Team if you have a technical problem:

Published 10 October 2019
Last updated 15 January 2021 + show all updates
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