UK Prosperity Fund: Turkey

The Prosperity Fund encourages global growth in line with the UK’s development goals on sustainable development.

Turkey Prosperity Fund call for project proposals is now closed for 2016-2017 financial year

A confirmation mail and a registration number have been sent to all received application owners. If you did not receive any confirmation email please contact to Hande Özüt ( or +90 312 455 3234).

Please note that only successful bidders will be informed at the first week of May 2016.

Turkey Prosperity Fund Call for Bids Objectives 2016-2017

The Bidding Round for Turkey opened on 01 March 2016. Bidding deadline is 4 April.


Prosperity Fund

The 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review announced a £1.3bn Prosperity Fund over the next 5 years to promote the economic reform and development needed for growth in partner countries. Our priorities will include improving the business climate, competitiveness and operation of markets, energy and financial sector reform, and increasing the ability of partner countries to tackle corruption. As well as contributing to a reduction in poverty in recipient countries, we expect these reforms to create opportunities for international business including UK companies.

The role of the Fund is also set out in the UK aid strategy, Tackling Global Challenges in the National Interest.

The Prosperity Fund will form a small but integral element of the UK’s total Official Development Assistance (ODA) commitment of 0.7% of GNI. It will primarily be focused on ODA eligible middle income countries, contributing to poverty reduction and complementing DFID’s work in poorer countries. In this way, the Fund will contribute towards meeting the new Sustainable Development Goals. ODA spend under the Fund will be fully consistent with OECD DAC criteria.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s programme funds seek to create real, measurable outcomes in support of the FCO’s policy goals. Since 2011, the Prosperity Fund has supported the FCO’s Prosperity Priority on opening markets, ensuring access to resources, and promoting sustainable global growth, mainly in the emerging powers.

Turkey Bidding Round

The Guidance for Potential Implementers for Turkey sets out the arrangements for the bidding process for these projects, including rules governing ODA expenditure under the Fund. Decisions on initial country allocations will be taken in early 2016.

Turkey Prosperity Fund Objectives

In Turkey, our initial bidding process invites bids in the areas of Transparency, Low Carbon Economy, Financial Services and Science and Innovation. The Turkey Prosperity Fund 2016-2017 Objective Document sets these out in further detail.

Project proposals in these specific areas will be considered for funding.

We expect the earliest possible start for projects to be on 1 May 2016.

Supported projects will end latest on 15 March 2017.

Application Instructions

Applications under this call will close on 4 April 2016.

To apply, please download, complete and send:

  1. Part A of the Project Proposal Form (full bid) (in MS Word format)

  2. An Activity Based Budget (in MS Excel format) see example in the Guidance for Potential Implementers for Turkey

  3. Evidence of stakeholder engagement and local buy-in

  4. Any additional supporting document you may wish to provide to by 4 April 2016. Do take note that Project Concept Forms are not used in the Turkey Bidding Round.

Please make sure you include a signature and the printed name and title of the person submitting the form. An electronic signature will be accepted.

Please also make sure that you are familiar with how proposals are assessed in the Guidance for Potential Implementers for Turkey document.

Do also familiarise yourself with the Standard Grant Contract before applying.

Feedback on draft project proposals before submission

We strongly encourage you to seek feedback from the British Embassy. If you are new to the Prosperity Fund, please send your request to or call +90 312 455 3234.

Do come prepared with a draft project proposal and do seek feedback early. We will not entertain requests for feedback that are not accompanied by a draft proposal and due to time constraints, may not be able to provide substantive feedback if these reach us after 25 March 2016.

Turkey Bidding Timeline

Project Proposals

  • call for project proposals open 1 March 2016 – 4 April 2016
  • applicants can expect to be notified of results in the week commencing 25 April 2016

Project Commencement and finalization

  • contracts will be signed with successful project implementers and projects can expect to start as early as 1May 2016
  • all projects must be finalised by 15 of March 2017


If you have further enquires that are not answered, then please contact to

Prosperity Fund bidding round 2015-2016 is now closed

About the Fund

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office wants to help to create the right conditions to support global growth. We work for transparency and a strong, rules-based international economic system. We work for a low carbon economy and resilient energy markets and we promote science and innovation as solutions to global challenges. We promote Britain as an international partner of choice. The purpose of the FCO’s Prosperity Fund is to contribute towards policy goal of creating the conditions for global growth. Turkey is one of the FCO’s priority countries and regions. We aim to develop projects under three main strands:

  • Open Economy - Working for a transparent and strong rules-based international economic system;
  • Energy Security & Efficiency - Working for resilient energy markets and better functioning of global energy markets;
  • Climate Change – Helping to create a low carbon economy, and promoting science and innovation as solutions to global challenges;

Project goals

Projects should demonstrate:

  • They are practical and have high-impact activity that will lead to a real and timely transformation in terms of high-level policy and action on the ground.
  • Proposals focusing purely on research, analysis, seminars or workshops will not be relevant unless they lead to specific and measurable action.
  • They will trigger further incremental action and improve results out of proportion to the money the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) spends e.g. by securing funding from co-donors
  • They are adding value to, and not duplicating, other donor activity in the sector and/or country.
  • Host governments have been consulted and are supportive; if they have not, the bid should provide evidence on how the project has sufficient buy-in from the necessary stakeholders to achieve the expected outcomes. Working with governments and official bodies is more likely to result in high impact, transformative outcomes which outlive the duration of the project; partners can include business and non-government offices where their influence can bring around policy change.
  • Projects can be at regional or state level within a country, provided that the ability to replicate is built into the proposal and sufficient impact is likely.
  • Proposals should outline the affect and the changes the project will make.
  • Proposals should include any publicity, dissemination and outreach activities in the budget from the outset; any media work should be directly related to the project proposal, but any paid-for marketing work needs to seek exemption from the Marketing and Advertising Freeze.
  • Implementers’ management and administrative costs should be no more than 10% of the overall budget.
  • Projects should be based in pounds sterling so that the implementer carries the exchange rate risk; there are no project funds to manage this risk.
  • The FCO places a strong emphasis on programme and project-level evaluation: project-implementing organisations must submit quarterly progress reports for the duration of the project, and a project completion form within three months of the project conclusion.

Bidding Process

Interested organisations should submit a concept bid form on areas specified under the programme strategy. Once the concept bids are approved by the Prosperity Fund Programme Board, successful bidders will be asked to submit their full bids. After the second sitting of the Prosperity Fund Post Programme Board, results will be announced and successful bidders will be informed. Projects will be implemented within 2015-2016 financial year which starts on 1 April 2015. Timeline for the current bidding round is:

  • Open call for concept bids – 11 November 2014
  • Deadline for submission of concept bids – 5 January 2015
  • Successful bidders will be invited to submit full bids – 19 January 2015
  • Deadline for submission of full bids – 10 February 2015
  • Successful bidders will be invited to sign contracts –March 2015

Turkey Programme Strategy

Concept Bid Form 2015-2016

Information Note

2015-2016 Ongoing Projects

2014-2015 Projects

Finalized Projects

Who can apply

  • Please note that there is no limit to the number of proposals any organisation can submit .
  • Any organisation holding a legal entity can apply for funding.
  • Please note that we cannot make any pre-payments, so the successful bidders need to make payments and then ask us to reimburse these project expenses.
  • The implementer should be able to receive money transfers from us
  • We don’t support projects submitted by individuals.


Please note that partnerships and co-funding in the proposed projects are seen as important elements. Partnership and/or cooperation with the UK based organisations are strongly encouraged.

Application limits

  • There is no official upper limit for project budgets. Project budgets exceeding 125.000 Euros limit will have to implement the CFCU procurement procedures.
  • Successful projects will have less than 12 months of implementation time frame, until the end of March 2016, so please plan accordingly.
  • Due to limited resources, we expect to fund projects scaling around £10-80.000 and micro-scale projects that have less than £10.000 budget.

Means of Application

You can apply via email. We will send confirmation receipt once we receive your application.


Hande Özüt
Prosperity Fund Coordinator
Telephone: + 90 312 455 32 34

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