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UK forces are deployed to Afghanistan in support of the UN-authorised, NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission and as part of the US-led Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). Since 2003 UK operations in Afghanistan have been conducted under the name Operation Herrick.

UK forces in theatre (from June 2014)

This final phase of the UK’s combat operations in Afghanistan, known as Operation Herrick, will come to an end on 31 December 2014.

Around half of the currently deployed units come under the command of a UK 1-star within the United States Marine Corps commanded headquarters. The remainder are deployed elsewhere within Camp Bastion and in Kandahar and Kabul as part of the UK’s overall contribution.

Members of the reserve forces continue to deploy to Afghanistan as part of this integrated force.

The forces currently deployed include elements of the following Royal Navy, Royal Marines, British Army and Royal Air Force units:

British casualties in Afghanistan

All casualties suffered by UK forces are a source of profound regret. UK personnel put their lives on the line to help the people of Afghanistan to build a strong and stable country; we cannot pay high enough tribute to the job that they are doing, or the sacrifice some of them have made.

MOD is committed to publishing casualty statistics, openly and on our website. While we do not publish statistics for all personnel who require minor treatment, we do record details of all personnel who need to be admitted to our field hospitals with more serious injuries and with diseases.

The Defence Medical Services aspire to provide first class treatment for all injured or ill Service personnel, aiming to restore them to full fitness or, where this is not possible, to the best state of health their condition permits. We also work closely with the NHS to ensure a smooth transition into NHS care when responsibility for their healthcare transfers at the point of demobilisation for reservists or discharge for regulars.

Casualty figures

For the period 7 October 2001 to 31 December 2005

Centrally available records show that:

  • 6 UK military personnel were categorised as Very Seriously Injured from all causes excluding disease
  • 4 UK military personnel were categorised as Seriously Injured from all causes excluding disease

Work continues to verify and validate data for aeromedical evacuations and field hospital admission in both Iraq and Afghanistan prior to January 2006. Once this data is compiled it will be added to the website.

For the period 1 January 2006 to 31 December 2014

Centrally available records show that:

  • 2,188 UK military and civilian personnel were admitted to UK field hospitals and categorised as Wounded in Action.
  • 5,255 UK military and civilian personnel were admitted to UK field hospitals for disease or non-battle injuries.
  • 300 UK personnel were categorised as Very Seriously Injured from all causes excluding disease.
  • 306 UK personnel were categorised as Seriously Injured from all causes excluding disease.
  • 7,400 aeromedical evacuations have taken place for UK military and civilian personnel injured or ill in Afghanistan.

For further details see:

Afghanistan Casualty and Fatality Statistics

British fatalities

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Chronology of events - 2014

The UK is providing a number of British military and civilian personnel in support of NATO-led military operations in Afghanistan. The UK contribution, which began in October 2001 following the terrorist attacks on the United States, has helped to bring about the fall of the Taliban regime. This subsequently paved the way for the first ever parliamentary elections in Afghanistan which took place on 18 September 2005.

British forces, under the command of the International Security Assistance Force and along with US and other allies from the international community, continue to work with the new, democratically-elected Afghan Government to build stability and maintain security across the country.

9 Dec 14: The Sun Military Awards return for their seventh year on Wednesday to celebrate the amazing work carried out by our servicemen and women.

5 Dec 14: Abdullah Abdullah has praised Afghan cadets during a visit to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

24 Nov 14: UK service personnel have left southern Afghanistan after completing the most challenging military redeployment operation for a generation.

11 Nov 14: Royal Air Force Tornado GR4s have left Afghanistan and are heading back to the UK after more than 5 years of operations in the country.

9 Nov 14: As the nation honoured the fallen of the 2 World Wars, Prince Harry paid a personal tribute in Afghanistan.

1 Nov 14: With UK combat operations complete in Helmand, what is the UK’s commitment to Afghanistan beyond 2014?

31 Oct 14: Life on operations isn’t only about the hours spent doing the job. Keeping up morale back at base and staying in touch with family is vital.

30 Oct 14: In 13 years of operations in Afghanistan more than 150,000 UK military personnel have deployed as part of the NATO mission in Afghanistan.

29 Oct 14: Troops in Afghanistan have been supported by a team of expert medics dedicated to providing the best care for their wounded colleagues.

28 Oct 14: In Afghanistan our Armed Forces equipment has evolved dramatically to deal with changing threats and to benefit from advances in technology.

27 Oct 14: UK forces have left Camp Bastion in Helmand Province for the last time, handing the base over to the Afghan National Army.

27 Oct 14: Building and packing up the largest operational UK military base to be built since the Second World War.

26 Oct 14: UK Armed Forces end combat operations in Helmand, paving the way for the final transfer of security to the Afghan National Security Forces.

9 Oct 14: British sailors, soldiers and airmen have conducted a poignant vigil to mark the return of Camp Bastion’s memorial wall to the UK.

26 Sep 14: British troops in Afghanistan have been leading the way on building a modern army.

24 Sep 14: Michael Fallon has attended the passing out ceremony of cadets from the first intake of the Afghan National Army Officer Academy.

4 Sep 14: David Cameron welcomed attendees to the NATO Wales Summit and paid tribute to the International Security Assistance Force.

7 Aug 14: Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has visited Afghanistan as UK troops work towards the end of combat operations.

4 Aug 14: Service personnel at Camp Bastion held a ceremony to mark the centenary of the First World War.

31 Jul 14: Military personnel in Afghanistan have received praise from General Sir Peter Wall for their efforts.

29 Jul 14: Personnel in Camp Bastion and Kandahar Airfield receive morale boosting visit from His Royal Highness Duke of York.

25 Jul 14: RAF Marham’s 31 Squadron have made final preparations to become the last Tornado GR4 squadron to deploy to Afghanistan.

7 Jul 14: Five more RAF Reaper remotely-piloted aircraft have begun supporting operations in Afghanistan.

19 Jun 14: By the end of this year, the UK’s main military base in Afghanistan will have closed. Meet the man who will make it all happen.

9 Jun 14: A keen-eyed RAF gunner has been commended by US and UK commanders for his life-saving diligence in Afghanistan.

6 Jun 14: The headquarters responsible for UK military logistics in Afghanistan has changed command for the last time.

14 May 14: The Secretary of State for International Development delivered a quarterly oral statement on Afghanistan to the House of Commons.

10 May 14: Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has visited Afghanistan to mark the latest milestone in the drawdown of UK forces.

8 May 14: Service men and women have been showcasing their work ahead of the last historic mission.

7 May 14: The Afghan National Army in Kabul has taken part in a huge training exercise carried out across miles of desert.

26 Apr 14: Captain Thomas Clarke, Army Air Corps, Flight Lieutenant Rakesh Chauhan, Royal Air Force, Warrant Officer Class 2 Spencer Faulkner, Army Air Corps, Corporal James Walters, Army Air Corps, and Lance Corporal Oliver Thomas, Intelligence Corps, lost their lives following the crash of a Lynx helicopter in southern Afghanistan.

14 Apr 14: The British Army’s Apache attack helicopters, operated by the Army Air Corps, flew their 50,000th hour on operation in Afghanistan recently.

11 Apr 14: In Afghanistan, RAF personnel have begun dismantling elements of a comprehensive communications network built up over the past decade.

10 Apr 14: Royal Air Force Tornado fast jets have scattered insurgents and helped to capture lethal explosives.

9 Apr 14: A soldier has been honoured with a Mention in Despatches in the latest Operational Honours and Awards List.

3 Apr 14: The next deployment of UK armed forces to Afghanistan is due to take place in June 2014, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has announced.

2 Apr 14: After 8 years of front line operations, the UK’s military headquarters in Helmand was disbanded yesterday.

26 Mar 14: An army medic who gave life-saving first aid to colleagues injured in a bomb attack has been awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery.

21 Mar 14: A total of 114 members of the armed forces and 3 civilians have been named in the latest Operational Honours and Awards List.

20 Mar 14: Foreign Secretary sets out plans to gift six logistical support bridges, and spares pack for maintenance of bridges to Helmand Department for Public Works.

20 Mar 14: An RAF Chinook crew who landed their helicopter under fire from Afghan insurgents have been honoured.

17 Mar 14: Operational lessons learnt in Afghanistan have made the British Army a more effective fighting force.

16 Mar 14: UK forces have now closed or handed over to Afghan forces all but 2 of their bases in Helmand province.

10 Mar 14: In celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March, meet a female reservist who has seen service in Afghanistan.

5 Mar 14: Sapper Adam Moralee, from 32 Engineer Regiment, was working with his section within Camp Bastion preparing engineer plant equipment for redeployment out of theatre when he was fatally injured.

3 Mar 14: Afghan engineers have repaired an important bridge on the Helmand River in Afghanistan.

25 Feb 14: Soldiers from 3rd Battalion The Mercian Regiment have intercepted more than 200 kilos of hashish in Helmand province.

10 Feb 14: The Secretary of State for Defence has delivered a quarterly oral statement on Afghanistan to the House of Commons.

5 Feb 14: Afghanistan’s most senior general has visited the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the home of British Army officer training.

4 Feb 14: British-mentored Afghan police officers have seized 400 kilos of hashish during an operation in Helmand province.

31 Jan 14: An RAF squadron famous for carrying out one of the most daring raids of the Second World War has flown its final Afghanistan mission.

30 Jan 14: Soldiers have been making their final preparations ahead of a 6-month tour of Afghanistan.

30 Jan 14: A joint government document explaining why the UK went to Afghanistan in 2001, and what has happened since then, has been published.

28 Jan 14: British troops have helped ensure safe passage for a 180-vehicle convoy of American forces redeploying from bases in northern Helmand.

24 Jan 14: The Royal Air Force has met with several international partners to share knowledge by training on each other’s weapons at Kandahar Airfield.

21 Jan 14: Over a tonne of illegal fertiliser, used by bomb-makers, has been seized by the Afghan army in Helmand.

16 Jan 14: Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford spent 2 days meeting personnel at Camp Bastion and Kandahar Airfield.

9 Jan 14: A former CERN particle physicist is serving in Afghanistan as a force protection troop leader in the British Army.

Chronology of events - 2013

23 Dec 13: Captain Richard Holloway of the Royal Engineers died after being engaged by enemy fire whilst on operations east of Kabul.

23 Dec 13: In October a bit of showbiz glitz and glamour came to Camp Bastion, with the arrival of X Factor judge and Take That star Gary Barlow.

20 Dec 13: Two RAF Voyager aircraft began flying between the UK and southern Afghanistan, months ahead of schedule.

17 Dec 13: Thousands of armed forces personnel on operations this Christmas will be tucking into some festive favourites with help from a Crewe bakery.

16 Dec 13: David Cameron visits troops serving in Afghanistan and announces new Afghan football partnership.

2 Dec 13: A new headquarters team arrived at Joint Force Support (Afghanistan) in Camp Bastion.

27 Nov 13: As the Afghan government takes greater control in Helmand, the work of the UK Military Stabilisation Support Group is nearing an end.

19 Nov 13: Opera singer Katherine Jenkins performed for hundreds of UK service personnel during a visit to Afghanistan.

13 Nov 13: Captain Heather Stanning has recently completed a 6-month tour as part of the British military force in Afghanistan.

11 Nov 13: The UK Defence Secretary joined President Hamid Karzai at the formal opening of the Afghan National Army Officer Academy in Kabul.

5 Nov 13: Warrant Officer Class 2 Ian Fisher from 3rd Battalion The Mercian Regiment was killed in action as a result of an explosion during a vehicle-borne suicide attack in the Kamparak area of Helmand province.

5 Nov 13: An Afghan National Army unit seized machine guns and ammunition shells after overpowering their opponents in an ambush.

1 Nov 13: A company of soldiers from 3rd Battalion The Mercian Regiment took control of protecting one of the UK’s last bases in Afghanistan.

1 Nov 13: Afghan President Hamid Karzai yesterday visited the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to see British Army officer training in action.

31 Oct 13: Take That star and X Factor judge Gary Barlow visited British military personnel on operations in Camp Bastion this week.

29 Oct 13: Armed Forces reservists talk about their experiences of working in Kabul as part of the ongoing military operation in Afghanistan.

23 Oct 13: Hundreds of new recruits have begun training at the new Afghan National Army Officer Academy in Kabul, Afghanistan.

21 Oct 13: Senior British military officers described the progress made in southern Afghanistan this summer at a media briefing in London.

21 Oct 13: The Ministry of Defence Police mentoring team has left Afghanistan for the last time.

18 Oct 13: As base closures and handovers continue in Helmand, the flow of equipment through Camp Bastion and out of Afghanistan is well underway.

17 Oct 13: The British Army officer who led the ‘best prepared sub-unit in the brigade’ during Operation Herrick 17 in Afghanistan has been honoured.

15 Oct 13: Lance Corporal James Brynin of the Intelligence Corps was killed while extracting from the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand province after his section became the target of enemy fire.

14 Oct 13: Corporal Oliver Bainbridge has been recognised for his brave actions after his patrol vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

11 Oct 13: Afghan troops are enrolling in courses at a newly-launched battle school at Camp Shorabak in Helmand province.

10 Oct 13: 7th Armoured Brigade took over as Task Force Helmand, officially marking the start of Operation Herrick 19.

9 Oct 13: A Gurkha soldier who ferociously fought off 2 insurgents attacking his patrol base in Afghanistan has been awarded the Military Cross.

8 Oct 13: A soldier has been honoured at this year’s Pride of Britain Awards for an act of bravery during Operation Herrick 15.

7 Oct 13: A Royal Marine whose quick thinking and bravery saved the lives of his colleagues in Afghanistan has been awarded the Military Cross.

7 Oct 13: A British Army logistic regiment has driven the distance from Earth to the moon during a 6-month tour of Afghanistan.

4 Oct 13: 70 years after their most famous mission, the Dambusters of 617 Squadron are off to Afghanistan for their final tour with the Tornado GR4.

4 Oct 13: A soldier who single-handedly saved Afghan and Danish soldiers from an explosive trap is among those recognised for bravery on operations.

4 Oct 13: A total of 117 members of the Armed Forces have received honours and awards in the latest Operational Honours and Awards List.

1 Oct 13: Catriona Laing talks of the changes she witnessed during her 18-month deployment as the UK’s senior representative in southern Afghanistan.

30 Sep 13: British troops have handed over control of Patrol Base Ouellette to the Afghan National Civil Order Police.

25 Sep 13: Welcome home banners and celebrations greeted some 50 soldiers from 104 Military Working Dog Unit when they returned home from Afghanistan.

24 Sep 13: An RAF team is providing pit-stop-style refuels at Camp Bastion to keep military helicopters in the air over Afghanistan.

24 Sep 13: Police training in central Helmand has passed a significant milestone with the opening of a new complex at the Lashkar Gah Training Centre.

23 Sep 13: British Army cooks have achieved a record number of educational qualifications while deployed in Afghanistan.

19 Sep 13: The British Army’s Hermes 450 unmanned air systems have completed over 70,000 hours of surveillance support in Afghanistan.

18 Sep 13: Soldiers from 4th Battalion The Rifles have taken on their counterparts in the Afghan National Army in a game of 20/20 cricket.

16 Sep 13: British soldiers are bringing the Sandhurst ethos to the Afghan National Army Officer Academy in Kabul. Report by Ian Carr.

16 Sep 13: The Armed Forces are urging the British public to keep the postal system clear for families’ mail at Christmas.

13 Sep 13: Soldiers from 4th Battalion The Rifles have assisted the Afghan National Army in a successful operation in Helmand’s Nahr-e Saraj district.

9 Sep 13: The delivery of nearly 100 vehicles to the UK from Afghanistan today brings the total number redeployed from theatre to more than 1,000.

6 Sep 13: UK troops no longer have a routine presence in the Nad ‘Ali district of Helmand as Afghan forces have assumed full security control.

4 Sep 13: A small team in Afghanistan is dedicated to reducing the risks of disease and injury amongst the UK’s deployed Service personnel.

29 Aug 13: Sappers from 22 Engineer Regiment have repaired a key bridge in the Lashkar Gah district of Helmand province.

9 Aug 13: The headquarters of UK military forces in Afghanistan has moved from Lashkar Gah to Camp Bastion in an early morning helicopter operation.

31 Jul 13: An RAF dentist in Afghanistan has successfully operated on a military working dog at Kandahar Air Field.

19 Jul 13: A thought-provoking exhibition on improvised explosive devices opens today at the National Army Museum in London.

13 Jul 13: His Royal Highness The Duke of York has travelled to Afghanistan where he met with British troops serving in Helmand province.

10 Jul 13: The Defence Secretary has announced that 7th Armoured Brigade will lead the next group of UK Armed Forces personnel deployed to Afghanistan.

29 Jun 13: The Prime Minister visited troops in Afghanistan and announced £3.8 million for troops’ families & veterans’ mental health projects.

21 Jun 13: Royal Air Force engineers working in the Tornado Detachment are key to operations in Afghanistan by ensuring the aircraft are ready to fly.

19 Jun 13: As the drawdown of UK forces continues apace in Helmand, a senior officer talks of the unprecedented redeployment of equipment taking place.

18 Jun 13: Afghan soldiers have been honing their sniping skills under the expert tuition of marksmen from 4th Battalion The Rifles.

18 Jun 13: NATO-led forces have formally handed over the last of Afghanistan’s 95 districts to Afghan security forces.

16 Jun 13: A father and son from Kent, will this year spend Father’s Day together – in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.

15 Jun 13: 125 UK Service personnel have been granted state honours by Her Majesty The Queen in the annual Birthday Honours list.

15 Jun 13: The headquarters of British forces deployed in Afghanistan is set to move from Lashkar Gah to Camp Bastion this summer.

14 Jun 13: An RAF Tornado Squadron is being put through its paces at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland this week as it makes final preparations for a deployment to Afghanistan.

6 Jun 13: The MOD intends to restart the transfer of detainees captured by UK forces into the Afghan judicial system.

6 Jun 13: The head of the British Army visited UK Service personnel working in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan.

4 Jun 13: Defence Secretary Philip Hammond announced the redundancy options available for the UK’s locally engaged staff in Afghanistan.

4 Jun 13: A Royal Navy commando chaplain has deployed to Afghanistan to provide support to troops, and travels around Camp Bastion on his ‘God Quad’.

4 Jun 13: The UK’s Merlin helicopter fleet has concluded operations in Afghanistan after providing nearly 4 years of continuous front line support.

1 Jun 13: The 1st Battalion Scots Guards paraded in Glasgow to celebrate their return from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

30 May 13: Soldiers who thwarted a rocket attack on Camp Bastion in February were awarded their richly-deserved Afghanistan campaign medals.

30 May 13: The 1st Battalion Scots Guards paraded in Inverness to mark their return from a 6-month tour in Afghanistan.

29 May 13: The Princess Royal has presented Operational Service Medals to members of 2 Signal Regiment recently returned from Afghanistan.

22 May 13: The final tour of duty in Afghanistan of the Commando Helicopter Force fliers of 847 Naval Air Squadron has ended.

21 May 13: The mother of a British soldier, posthumously awarded a Victoria Cross for his actions in Afghanistan, has spoken of her pride for her son.

20 May 13: Soldiers of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment were welcomed back from operations in Afghanistan by crowds in Cumbria.

16 May 13: A heroes’ welcome greeted Royal Marines of 40 Commando in Taunton as thousands turned out to welcome them home from Afghanistan.

15 May 13: Thirteen MOD civilians were officially recognised for their work supporting the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan.

13 May 13: UK nurses in Afghanistan marked International Nurses Week by remembering fellow nurses who have served in conflict zones across the globe.

10 May 13: Reservists and regular soldiers have been honoured by the Prince of Wales for their service operating the Army’s helicopters in Afghanistan.

8 May 13: British and Afghan soldiers have destroyed a significant insurgent bomb cache in Helmand province.

7 May 13: British soldiers of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers have handed Afghan security forces control of a checkpoint in Helmand province.

2 May 13: Hundreds of personnel from 4th Mechanized Brigade gathered in York Minster for a service of remembrance and thanksgiving.

30 Apr 13: Corporal William Savage and Fusilier Samuel Flint, both from 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, and Private Robert Hetherington, from 7th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, were killed in Afghanistan after their vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device in the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand province.

30 Apr 13: Corporal Luke Townsend is returning to the UK after a successful tour of Afghanistan in which he managed to break up a bomb-making network.

29 Apr 13: A Royal Navy reservist has created a hit radio programme in Helmand province inspired by BBC Radio 4’s popular soap opera ‘The Archers’.

25 Apr 13: British military personnel joined their coalition partners from Australia and New Zealand in commemorating Australian and New Zealand Army Corps Day.

20 Apr 13: Soldiers of 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland marched through Edinburgh on Saturday to mark their return from Afghanistan.

18 Apr 13: Two RAF Regiment personnel have been honoured for their actions in defending Camp Bastion in Afghanistan against an insurgent attack.

17 Apr 13: A young combat medical technician awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service talks about her experiences in Afghanistan.

16 Apr 13: Senior British military officers described the progress being made in southern Afghanistan at a media briefing in London.

15 Apr 13: A Military Cross winner from last summer’s operational tour in Helmand province talks about his experiences.

12 Apr 13: A soldier who led an assault after being injured in an ambush, and the medic who saved his life, have both been awarded the Military Cross.

11 Apr 13: A British soldier who dragged an injured comrade 20 metres across open ground while under enemy fire in Afghanistan has been honoured.

10 Apr 13: The Army’s 1st Mechanized Brigade has taken command of Task Force Helmand in southern Afghanistan marking the start of Operation Herrick 18.

10 Apr 13: Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has responded to points made in a House of Commons Defence Select Committee report on Afghanistan.

9 Apr 13: The last full Royal Marines commando group to serve in Afghanistan on Operation Herrick is returning to the UK.

9 Apr 13: A soldier who risked his life in Afghanistan to rescue a wounded comrade during a ferocious ambush has been awarded a Mention in Despatches.

8 Apr 13: A soldier who assisted the injured crew of a stricken vehicle in Afghanistan while under fire has been awarded a Mention in Despatches.

5 Apr 13: A soldier who went to live in Spain and joined the British Army’s Royal Gibraltar Regiment has been awarded a Mention in Despatches.

5 Apr 13: A British Army chef has been recognised by the senior UK commander in Helmand for his social and culinary contributions in Afghanistan.

4 Apr 13: A Territorial Army soldier who fought off Afghan insurgents after his 2 senior officers were shot has been awarded a Mention in Despatches.

4 Apr 13: More than 3,000 miles from his home parish in Kent, Reverend (Flight Lieutenant) Matt Buchan has become the first RAF reservist chaplain to deploy to Afghanistan.

3 Apr 13: 2 future RAF pilots have been providing vital language and aviation training to aspiring Afghan pilots in Herat province, Afghanistan.

3 Apr 13: An RAF pilot who risked his life to rescue UK and Afghan forces under fire in Helmand province has received the Distinguished Flying Cross.

26 Mar 13: Lance Corporal Jamie Webb, of 1st Battalion The Mercian Regiment (Cheshire), died in an ISAF Hospital in Afghanistan from wounds sustained during an enemy attack on his patrol base in the Nad ‘Ali district of Helmand province the previous day.

25 Mar 13: A soldier who removed his helmet and body armour, under attack, to carry a stricken comrade to safety has been commended for his bravery.

22 Mar 13: The Head of the Army paid tribute to the 118 UK Service personnel named in today’s Operational Honours List at the famous military academy.

22 Mar 13: A total of 118 members of the Armed Forces have received honours and awards in the Operational Honours List dated today, 22 March 2013.

19 Mar 13: Soldiers from 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland are deploying to Afghanistan and 847 Naval Air Squadron is already at work there.

18 Mar 13: Personnel from IX (Bomber) Squadron have returned from a successful 4-month deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Herrick.

18 Mar 13: The ‘supremely courageous and inspiring’ actions of a soldier killed in Afghanistan to be recognised with UK’s highest award for gallantry.

12 Mar 13: Soldiers from 104 Military Working Dog Unit and their canine partners are this week deploying to Afghanistan on Operation Herrick 18.

11 Mar 13: After years of searching for her long-lost mother, an Army officer currently based in Afghanistan has finally found her.

7 Mar 13: In recognition of International Women’s Day on 8 March, we are profiling women making their mark in the Armed Forces, Sergeant Beth Wilson on serving in Afghanistan.

6 Mar 13: RAF firefighters serving in Afghanistan have been training Afghans to take the lead for fire safety in Camp Shorabak, Helmand province.

6 Mar 13: RAF helicopter crews have exercised with their counterparts from the Royal Danish Air Force in preparation for deployment to Afghanistan.

1 Mar 13: 2nd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment has completed its final training exercise and will shortly deploy to Afghanistan.

27 Feb 13: Soldiers from the 1st Mechanized Brigade Reconnaissance Force have conducted their final training exercise on Salisbury Plain.

25 Feb 13: 70 soldiers from the Scots Guards Battle Group have returned home early from Afghanistan as the Afghan Police take responsibility for security in their area of operations.

25 Feb 13: Afghanistan’s Defence Minister has visited the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to see how it can influence officer training plans in his country.

22 Feb 13: The Afghan National Security Forces’ newest explosive experts have marked the completion of their training with a ceremony at their base in Nahr-e Saraj, Helmand province.

20 Feb 13: Gurkha soldiers returned to the UK today as British forces continue to reduce troop numbers in Afghanistan and hand over to local security forces.

19 Feb 13: Marines from 40 Commando have successfully trained 27 reconnaissance troops for the Afghan National Army’s 3/215 Brigade.

14 Feb 13: Afghanistan-bound members of 1st Mechanized Brigade have showed off kit and demonstrated their skills at a media event on Salisbury Plain.

14 Feb 13: The Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, Philip Dunne, has presented Afghanistan campaign medals to 26 civilian employees working for the Defence Support Group in a ceremony at MOD Donnington.

13 Feb 13: Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has welcomed President Obama’s announcement that US troop numbers will be reduced by 34,000 by this time next year, ahead of the departure of all NATO combat troops by the end of 2014.

13 Feb 13: More than 100 Royal Marines from 40 Commando are returning home early from Afghanistan after handing over to Afghan forces.

12 Feb 13: The units due to deploy to Afghanistan as part of Operation Herrick 18 have been announced by the Defence Secretary Philip Hammond.

7 Feb 13: The Secretary of State for Defence, Philip Hammond, has visited UK troops in Helmand as part of a two-day trip to Afghanistan.

6 Feb 13: The vital job of making deliveries of kit and personnel to the front line in Afghanistan comes with no shortage of challenges.

4 Feb 13: British troops in Afghanistan are the first to use state-of-the-art handheld nano surveillance helicopters.

1 Feb 13: A Royal Marine who rescued a severely wounded colleague in Afghanistan while under enemy fire has been presented with a Military Cross.

24 Jan 13: The commander of Afghan troops who work alongside British forces to provide security in Helmand province has visited the UK to help our troops prepare for deployment to the area.

24 Jan 13: British-trained Afghan forces have demonstrated their expanding capability by successfully leading a large and complex operation to build a bridge over the Nahr-e Saraj canal in Afghanistan’s Helmand province.

22 Jan 13: Captain Wales leaves Afghanistan after a successful tour as an Apache pilot.

16 Jan 13: Kingsman David Robert Shaw from 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment has died in the UK today, Wednesday 16 January, from wounds sustained in Afghanistan.

11 Jan 13: Two Defence ministers have travelled to Afghanistan and the Middle East to visit British Service personnel on operations.

8 Jan 13: Sapper Richard Reginald Walker from 28 Engineer Regiment, attached to 21 Engineer Regiment, was killed in Afghanistan on Monday 7 January 2013.

Chronology of events - 2012

21 Dec 12: The UK Prime Minister praised armed forces success during visit to Camp Bastion.

19 Dec 12: UK force levels in Afghanistan are to reduce to around 5,200 by the end of 2013, the Prime Minister announced today.

14 Dec 12: Soldiers from the Scots Guards have returned home from Afghanistan after handing security in their area of Helmand over to Afghan forces.

13 Dec 12: When ground troops find themselves in trouble on the front line they have the reassurance of knowing that help is invariably close at hand.

12 Dec 12: Royal Marines have helped the latest batch of Afghan police officers complete their training in Helmand.

10 Dec 12: The first tranche of British troops to be sent home from Afghanistan, as announced by the Prime Minister last year, returned to the UK at the weekend.

7 Dec 12: The RAF’s No 7 Force Protection Wing has taken over Force Protection duties at Camp Bastion in Helmand province, Afghanistan.

7 Dec 12: Troops from 1 SCOTS have supported the Afghan Army as they planned and led a large operation to clear an area of Afghanistan of insurgents.

4 Dec 12: Soldiers from the King’s Royal Hussars have received their Afghanistan Operational Service Medals from Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal.

4 Dec 12: The First Sea Lord has paid a flying visit to 40 Commando Royal Marines in Afghanistan while on a tour to receive an overview of military operations.

1 Dec 12: Soldiers from 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards and the 1st Royal Tank Regiment have all taken part in homecoming parades in recent days, cheered on by family, friends and the public.

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