The Beef Carcase Classification scheme: register

If your abattoir slaughters over 75 adult bovines per week you must be registered with the Beef Carcase Classification (BCC) scheme.

If your abattoir slaughters more than 75 adult bovine animals per week (based on a rolling annual average), you must register for and comply with the BCC scheme.

An adult bovine animal is an animal aged 8 months or over if it was slaughtered after 31 December 2013, or an animal with a live weight greater than 300 kg if it was slaughtered before 1 January 2014.

Under the scheme you must categorise and grade (classify) all beef carcases from adult animals for a combination of fat and conformation. The uniform grading of carcases ensures fair payment for producers according to carcase quality.

If you’re slaughtering fewer animals than this you can still register for the scheme on a voluntary basis. This will allow you to classify carcases according to the EU-wide scales. However, once BCC-registered you’ll need to classify all carcases of adult bovines at your abattoir.

The scheme is run by the Meat Technical Schemes team at the Rural Payments Agency (RPA).

How to register

To register, fill in the Beef Carcase Classification scheme registration form (BCCS3) (PDF, 59.6KB, 3 pages) .

You can get in touch with the Meat Technical Schemes team if you have any questions about the scheme.


Telephone: 03300 416508

Write to:

Meat Technical Schemes team
Rural Payments Agency
Eden Bridge House
Lowther Street

Keep your details up to date

If any of the details you gave when registering for the BCC scheme change, you must let RPA know within 28 days.

Published 31 March 2014