Teacher assessment: submit teacher assessment

An overview on how to submit teacher assessment data for key stage 2. This page will be updated for the 2015 to 2016 assessment cycle.

This guidance was withdrawn on

This guidance applied to the 2015 test cycle and is for reference only. It will shortly be updated for 2016.

Submit teacher assessment

Teacher assessment and P scale data must be submitted for every pupil who is:

  • registered to sit a national curriculum test
  • registered as working below the level of the tests

You will need to use the correct codes when submitting your data. Please refer to Teacher assessment: how to use the NCA tools website for information about which codes to use.

Data must be submitted to us via the ‘Teacher assessment’ section of the NCA tools website. The deadline for submissions is Friday 26 June.

Schools can submit data directly to STA using NCA tools. They may also submit via their local authority (LA), if the LA has agreed to submit on their behalf.

If you use NCA tools you can use:

  • a common transfer file generated by your school’s management information system
  • the spreadsheet templates on NCA tools

LAs can use NCA tools to upload multiple files for different schools.

Teacher assessment: how to use the NCA tools website gives step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • upload data
  • view the data you have submitted
  • deal with common errors

Calculate overall levels

Teachers must summarise their judgements for each eligible pupil and determine:

  • a level for each attainment target in English, mathematics and science
  • an overall level in each of these subjects

Teachers must combine component attainment targets into an overall level for each pupil. This is according to a weighting system for each subject. The detailed instructions on how to calculate overall levels provides formulae and example calculations.

Calculate P scales

Teachers must use P scales to report achievements for pupils with a special educational need, who are working below level 1 of the national curriculum. You must report P scales in English, mathematics and science.

Teacher assessment: using P scales gives information about P scales and how to use them when reporting teacher assessment.

P scales must not be used to assess pupils with English as an additional language at any age unless they have additional special educational needs.

Getting help

Standards and Testing Agency


National curriculum assessments helpline 0300 303 3013

For general enquiries about national curriculum tests.

Published 9 May 2014
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