Support for career transition

The Civil Service Leadership Academy includes individual induction programmes at each level of the senior civil service.

Deputy Director offer

Marking the start of the year-long development programme for new Deputy Directors, Base Camp is a 2-day programme of interactive sessions and facilitated networking. The programme is hosted by senior leaders from departments across the Civil Service.

At Base Camp you will:

  • Hear from senior colleagues about their leadership experiences at an individual and departmental level through the lens of leading within the global, national and departmental context
  • Develop a strong peer DD network
  • Explore your personal leadership development together with peers.
  • Become familiar with the CS Leadership Academy offer and how to access it
  • Share insights on systems leadership, and what this means in terms of leading as individuals and collectively

You will form a cohort with your 30-40 fellow participants and be encouraged to maintain the peer group connections you make at Base Camp (and over the next year), as they will provide you with a foundation to support you in your leadership journey. After Base Camp you will continue developing your leadership through a series of networked development events, drawing on real life case studies and lessons learnt.

Visit the CSLA events calendar for the full list of upcoming programme dates.

Director offer

Directors who are stepping into being a new Director in the Civil Service are invited to participate in the Civil Service Director Programme and form a cohort with their fellow participants.

The programme is tailored to the requirements of recently appointed Directors, which aims to support you to transition into your new role by:

  • Exploring the opportunities, responsibilities, and challenges of the Director role
  • Promoting the responsibility to contribute to the development of others
  • Focusing on a current priority, recent topics have included ‘the contribution of Directors to the future of work, inclusion and digital agendas’
  • Considering the impact Directors have in Departments and the wider system.
  • Making connections to support the network of Civil Service Directors

Directors will also have the opportunity to meet and learn from senior leaders across the Civil Service and foster networks as part of a cohort. The programme starts with a two day cohort building event and is continued through a series of networked events and seminars, drawing on real life case studies and lessons learnt, exclusively designed for Director cohort members.

Visit the CSLA events calendar for the full list of upcoming programme dates.

Director General offer

At Director General (DG) level there is a bespoke Director General Induction and Development Programme based on each individual’s background and experience. This is jointly delivered by Civil Service Talent and the Civil Service Leadership Academy. DGs and Permanent Secretaries from across Government have supported the overall design and sessions are tailored to meet the cohort’s needs.

The programme includes:

  • A half-day corporate induction event
  • Development conversations with the Civil Service Leadership Academy (CSLA).
  • Cohort learning sessions such as:
    • the experience of stepping into the DG role
    • the role of the DG in terms of systems leadership
    • being a DG on a board.
  • Joining another DG cohort to take part in an immersive learning event.
  • Cohort and action learning sets sessions. These create opportunities for more informal networking and provide a space to learn from and support each other in terms of work-related issues.

This programme is an opportunity for DGs to develop and influence through building a strong peer cohort network for the future challenges ahead. Clare Moriarty (Permanent Secretary, DExEU) is the overall sponsor for the programme and participants will also be invited to breakfasts and networking opportunities with her and other senior leaders.

Visit the CSLA events calendar for the full list of upcoming programme dates.

Published 27 September 2017
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