Summary of the UK-Tunisia association agreement

Information on the association agreement with Tunisia, replicating the effects of the EU-Tunisia agreement.

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What the agreement covers

The agreement establishes a political and economic association between the UK and Tunisia. It maintains the effects of the EU-Tunisia association agreement.

The agreement covers:

  • trade in goods, including provisions on rules of origin, preferential tariffs and quotas
  • future services liberalisation
  • current payments and capital movements
  • competition
  • intellectual property

It also replicates wider elements of the EU-Tunisia association agreement such as provisions on political dialogue and other forms of cooperation, including on human rights.

When the agreement will take effect

This agreement will take effect after Brexit, when the EU-Tunisia association agreement no longer applies to the UK.


If you have queries about trade with Tunisia, please contact the Department for International Trade

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Published 25 October 2019