Supply chain opportunities

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is committed to making it easier for new, innovative, and smaller businesses to enter the defence supply chain.

Encouraging suppliers to offer wider access to procurement opportunities will increase visibility of opportunities and enable a more diverse supply base, particularly for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

If you are a supplier to MOD, you are encouraged to advertise defence related supply chain opportunities using our e-Sourcing platform called the Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP). You can use this facility to advertise subcontracting opportunities, early market engagement events and future requirements.

To advertise an opportunity, please complete one of the forms below and the Doing Business with Defence team will be in touch:

Subcontract Opportunity

Advertise a subcontracting opportunity.

Awarded Contract

Update DSP users as to who you have awarded a specific contract to, allowing them to look for subcontracting opportunities with that supplier.

Early Engagement

To advertise market engagement you are carrying out, including market engagement days and events.

Future Opportunity

To notify DSP users of procurements you intend to carry out in future.

The notices will also be visible on the Government’s Contracts Finder portal, and will direct interested parties to contact the advertising supplier directly.

If you have any questions regarding the advertising of supply chain opportunities, please contact:

Published 30 December 2020
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