Register for Stamp Taxes Online

Find out how to register to send your Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) return to HMRC, if you're an agent, solicitor or organisation.

You do not pay SDLT if you buy a property in:


Allow 10 working days (21 if you’re abroad) to register. Once you’ve activated your Stamp Taxes Online service, use it to complete, edit and store SDLT transactions.

If you’re not represented by a solicitor, agent or legal conveyancer, you must send paper returns.

Before you register

Only 1 person in your organisation needs to register. You can add other people if they need to access, edit or carry out SDLT transactions. Each user must activate and use their own Government Gateway user ID and password.

Special arrangements

There are different arrangements to register if you’re a:

  • local authority
  • government department
  • an organisation not registered with Companies House
  • not registered either as a self-assessed partnership or trust

Write to HMRC’s Birmingham Stamp Office for a reference number. You’ll need this number when you register. HMRC will ask you for more details about the organisation, and you’ll need these details later when you register for the online service.

Register for Stamp Taxes Online

If you already use HMRC’s online services

If you’re already registered for the online service, as an agent or organisation, you can add the Stamp Taxes Online. Use your existing Government Gateway user ID and password to sign in and add Stamp Taxes to your services.

You’ll need your own or your company details to hand.

Once enrolled, you’ll get your new Stamp Taxes Online Reference Number (STORN) onscreen. Make a note of this as you’ll need it when contacting HMRC.

HMRC will send you an activation code (or PIN) usually within 7 days. When you get your code, sign in and choose the ‘activate service’ link. Follow the onscreen prompts. Once you’ve activated the service you will not need the code again.

The activation code will be sent to the contact name and address HMRC holds for tax purposes for your business. If you’re not the named contact, you’ll need to make that person aware that they’ll be getting the activation code.

The activation code is only valid for 28 days. If you do not activate it within the time limit, you’ll need to enrol again to get a new one.

If you’ve any problems registering contact the Stamp Taxes Helpline.

If you do not already use the online service

To use this service, register to use HMRC’s online service first.

On the HMRC Online Services new user page choose the type of account you want to create (either ‘Organisation’ or ‘Agent’). Follow the onscreen directions. You’ll be asked to create a password, you’ll need this every time you log on.

You’ll need your own, or your company details to hand.

If you’re a limited company registered with Companies House you’ll need your:

  • Companies House Registration Number (CRN)
  • registered office postcode

If you’re a partnership or trust under Self Assessment, you’ll need your:

  • partnership or trust Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR)
  • postcode

If you’re self-employed under Self Assessment you’ll need your:

  • Self Assessment UTR
  • National Insurance number
  • Self Assessment correspondence postcode

Your STORN reference will show on the ‘Registration and enrolment summary’ page. Make a note of it, you’ll need to quote it if you contact HMRC.

HMRC will send you an activation code (usually within 7 days). Use this to access the HMRC Stamp Taxes Online service for the first time and activate the service.

Lost codes, passwords and ID numbers

If you lose any of your log in details follow the steps on HMRC login screen to retrieve your details.

Published 13 March 2014
Last updated 14 December 2017 + show all updates
  1. From 1 April 2018 SDLT will no longer apply in Wales. You'll pay Land Transaction Tax which is dealt with by the Welsh Revenue Authority.

  2. First published.