Skills funding: register for opportunities to tender

Information for organisations on how to register with the ESFA, to be able to tender for funding or contracts.

Applies to England

Decommissioning ROTO on 31 July 2021

We are formally decommissioning ROTO on the 31 July 2021. Our funding rules will be updated to reflect this. The Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers is now the market entry point for providers wishing to deliver apprenticeships and we will advertise funding opportunities for other funding streams on GOV.UK, including the recently announced expansion of traineeships.

Organisations that are eligible for funding from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) are listed on the register of training organisations. These organisations can be invited to compete in tenders by the ESFA, but appearing on the register does not guarantee a contract.

What opportunities does this cover

  1. delivering education and training services
  2. delivering information, advice and guidance, which may include delivery for the National Careers Service

Who can apply

Any organisation may apply, including those already within our supply chain.

How to apply

You must have a UK Provider Registration Number (UKPRN).

You can register with the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) to get one. This number is not specific to learning providers and any organisation associated with learning can get one.

You then need to register on our e-tendering portal in order to complete our market entry pre-qualification process.

The pre-qualification process includes completing due diligence questions and capacity and capability questions, which are available to complete 3 times each year:

  • the due diligence questions collect important details about your organisation and financially assess your organisation to determine if you are financially robust

  • the capacity and capability questions help you understand what is required to have a contract with the ESFA; this includes specific questions that relate to the areas you are interested in tendering for

If you want to be eligible to tender, you must complete the due diligence questions and capacity and capability questions, which can be completed at the same time. The ESFA will not accept any late submissions, alterations or additional information after we have closed for applications.

How your application is assessed

Organisations that pass the due diligence questions will be listed on the register of training organisations. If you also pass the capacity and capability questions, you will be invited to tender when opportunities become available.

If you fail the due diligence questions, you will not be listed on the register and we will not evaluate your capacity and capability questions.

If you pass the due diligence questions, but fail the capacity and capability questions you will be listed on the register, but you will not be invited to tender.

All feedback is communicated through the e-tendering portal.

Contact us

If you experience any technical difficulties with the e-tendering portal, including lost username or password details please contact

If you are already on the register, can access our e-tendering portal and have an enquiry, please direct these to our message board on the e-tendering portal.

Published 24 February 2014