Send a cash balance to the Treasury Solicitor (CB1)

How to send a cash balance to the Bona Vacantia division.

Applies to England and Wales


The Bona Vacantia division (BVD) of the Government Legal Department deals with bank and other cash balances previously owned by dissolved companies that now belong to the Crown.

The cash balances commonly come from:

  • bank accounts
  • other financial institutions holding credit balances
  • tax and other refunds due from HMRC and other public and private organisations
  • credit balances held by solicitors or others belonging to a dissolved company

This list is not exhaustive. Any cash balance of a dissolved company belongs to the Crown and should be sent as soon as possible after dissolution to the appropriate Crown representative.

Refer a cash balance to the Treasury Solicitor

Complete the following:

  1. check that the Treasury Solicitor is the correct office to send the money to by reading BVC1 on jurisdiction
  2. write to BVD at

Bona Vacantia - Cash Balance

Government Legal Department (BVD)
HMRC Croydon Regional Centre
1 Ruskin Square


Switchboard 020 7210 4700

Please use this email address for all enquiries relating to the cash assets of dissolved companies.

You must include:

  • the name, company number and last registered office of the dissolved company that owned the asset. You can get this information from Companies House
  • details of the amount being forwarded
  • contact details should we have any queries

Please send the credit balance by one of the following:

  • cheque, made payable to ‘The Treasury Solicitor’
  • BACS (including internet banking) or CHAPS to the Bona Vacantia division’s NatWest account
  • Please use the dissolved Company’s Registration Number (CRN), plus as much of the name as you can fit in as the reference
Sort code 60-70-80
Account number 10004467
Bank address NatWest, Government Banking Service, CPB Services, London Corporate Services Centre, 2nd Floor, 280 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4RB
Reference [the dissolved company’s name]
Published 6 December 2013
Last updated 7 December 2023 + show all updates
  1. Amendment to the required company details for the processing of credit balances.

  2. Further amendment to the bank account details

  3. Minor amendment to the departmental bank account details.

  4. Change to bank account

  5. First published.