Bona vacantia companies guidelines

Guidance on referring cases, buying assets, restoring a dissolved company and applying for a discretionary grant.

Document collection of the Bona Vacantia division’s companies group detailed guides.

For further information on the work of the companies group please read Bona vacantia dissolved companies (BVC1)


  1. Bona vacantia dissolved companies (BVC1)
  2. Refer bona vacantia land or buildings (BVC2)
  3. Refer a commercial lease for disclaimer (BVC3)
  4. Apply to buy a freehold reversion (BVC4)
  5. Send money due to the Crown under a bona vacantia mortgage (BVC5)
  6. Sell bona vacantia land using a mortgagee's power of sale (BVC6)
  7. Buy bona vacantia shares (BVC7)
  8. Buy intellectual property (BVC8)
  9. Send a cash balance to the Treasury Solicitor (CB1)
  10. Apply for a discretionary grant (company can be restored) (CB2)
  11. Apply for a discretionary grant (company can't be restored) (CB3)
  12. Apply for a repayment after restoration of a company (CB4)
  13. Apply for a waiver letter (WA1)
  14. Proof of identity checklist
Published 6 December 2013