Sell veterinary medicines on the internet

As a vet, pharmacist or suitably qualified person selling veterinary medicines on the internet you must comply with the Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2013.

You must:

  • sell only veterinary medicines authorised for sale in the UK
  • supply the medicines from appropriately registered or approved UK premises
  • properly prescribe and supply the most appropriate medicine to treat the animal’s disease or condition
  • advise your customers on how to use the medicine safely and on any contra-indications or warnings

See the Retail of veterinary medicines page for more information about the retail sale of veterinary medicines.

Accredited internet retailer scheme (AIRS)

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) accredits UK-based retailers of veterinary medicines who meet AIRS criteria. Most of the AIRS criteria are existing legal requirements for selling veterinary medicines, so you should already be complying with them. There are some additional criteria, eg having links to your professional body’s website on your website so that your customers can verify your details. The AIRS criteria are set out in: Internet retailer criteria (PDF, 27.2KB, 5 pages) . You can use A model internet retailer (PDF, 59.5KB, 10 pages) to help you assess whether your website meets AIRS criteria.

The scheme is voluntary and free.

Apply for accreditation

Complete and return the AIRS application form (MS Word Document, 919KB) to the address given on the form.

We will check it’s been correctly completed and contact you within 10 days if there is any missing information. We’ll assess your website and the documented procedures you’ve sent with your application. We’ll provide you with detailed feedback within 6 weeks.

We’ll send you your AIRS logo to display on your website if your website and procedures meet the AIRS criteria. The logo will have your unique AIRS reference number and a link to the list of accredited internet retailers so that customers can check you are an accredited retailer.

We’ll tell you what changes you need to make if you aren’t meeting the AIRS criteria.

Following accreditation, we will review your internet retailing procedures as part of our routine inspection of your registered/approved premises.

Further information



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