Schedule 14 decisions 2019

Schedule 14 to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 decisions issued by the Planning Inspectorate and published after 1 January 2019

Decisions published before 1st January 2019.

Liverpool City Council

The appellant claims that a footpath between Chatsworth Avenue and Lynwood Road, Liverpool (“the claimed route”) should be added to the definitive map and statement for the area.

Nottinghamshire County Council

The Appellant claims that the appeal route from Highland Grove to Worksop Bridleway No. 34, Worksop should be added to the Definitive Map and Statement as a public footpath.

Northumberland County Council

The Appellant claims that the definitive map and statement of public rights of way should be modified by upgrading to a restricted byway Footpath No 26, West Allen from the Cumbria County boundary at Blacklaw Cross to where it joins Byway Open to all Traffic No 37 at Kiersleywell Bank.

Somerset County Council

A route running along public footpath AX 13/25 and part of public footpath AX 13/102 should be upgraded to bridleway status

Addition of Restricted Byway, Sixteen Acre Lane, Parish of Combe St Nicholas, Somerset (OMA ref. RW/629M/ED)

Staffordshire County Council

Addition of a Footpath from the junction of the north end of FP 39 Alton with the access track known as Church Lane to St Leonard’s Church, Bradley in the Moors, Staffordshire (OMA ref. MMU/016666)

Suffolk County Council

To add a footpath from the northern end of Clare FP 14 in a generally easterly direction to the B1063 road at grid reference TL 756 481 (‘14D/11’) and To add a Byway Open to All Traffic in the parishes of Cavenham and Lackford running from the U6211 road at grid reference TL 771 717 in a south-easterly direction along the road to Cavenham Mill and continuing from there in a generally south-easterly direction to the C626 road at grid reference TL 784 705 (‘14D/12’)

Published 2 January 2019