Retail management apprenticeships

Types of apprenticeships that you can apply for in the retail management sector.

Research has shown that retail employers actively use apprenticeships as a source of future talent in retail management. Retailers are keen to make a long-term commitment to their applicants.

Training opportunities

Retail is a sector which rewards dedication and hard work with quick career progression.

This is especially the case with younger people, with individuals in their late teens and early twenties often finding themselves in positions such as section or team leader.

This is a fantastic apprenticeship in terms of career prospects. Around 1.4 million new positions are expected to open up in retail in the next 3 years. To keep up with this demand, around 400,000 new supervisory and leadership employees are needed every year.

The problem facing many retailers is trouble finding staff with the right level of skill and ability to manage a team or store, and effectively drive up sales.

Types of apprenticeships

The retail management higher apprenticeship is especially suited for management positions and hopes to provide apprentices with the business and managerial skills they need to progress.

Job roles:

Higher level apprenticeships - level 4:

  • retail supervisor
  • team leader
  • store/department manager
  • sales manager
  • assistant store manager
  • operations manager
Published 28 March 2014