Register for MyHMCTS: online case management for legal professionals

How to create a MyHMCTS organisation account to manage, submit and pay for certain civil, family and tribunal cases.

This guide is for MyHMCTS account administrators setting up their organisation and adding users. To sign in to MyHMCTS to manage a case, see our guide on submitting or responding to an application.


MyHMCTS is a case management tool that allows you to submit, pay for and manage online case applications or responses for:

  • civil damages claims
  • civil money claims
  • divorce
  • employment tribunal responses
  • family public law order
  • financial remedy
  • immigration and asylum appeals
  • probate

Before you start

You will need an HMCTS Payment by Account (PBA) number. You need this to pay your court fees in MyHMCTS.

Make sure your organisation is not already registered with MyHMCTS by checking with your other colleagues. You can also get help with MyHMCTS.

Create a MyHMCTS account for your organisation

Before creating an account, you will need:

  • your organisation’s PBA number
  • DX reference number for the main office, if you have one
  • your organisation’s Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) ID or equivalent * professional registration, if it has one
  • the name and work email of someone at your organisation to be the MyHMCTS ‘account listed administrator’ – they will be responsible for creating and managing MyHMCTS users at your organisation

If you use your name and email address you will become the account listed administrator. The account listed administrator can be changed after the account is created.

Organisations can have other administrators and you do not need to be the account listed administrator to carry out administrative tasks. You can set up other administrators when you create their account or after their account is created.

You must not use a team or shared email address to register for MyHMCTS and set up your organisation’s account. The email address for your account listed administrator must be for a named individual.

Create an organisation MyHMCTS account

What happens next

We’ll send you an approval confirmation email within 3 working days, once we have verified the application.

We will also send a password creation request email to finish setting up the account. The email will come from All emails, including verification codes, will come from this email address.

You must add the address to your email’s safe sender list – this is called ‘whitelisting’. If your organisation has extra security software, you must add it to that safe sender list as well. If you have an IT department, they can help you do this.

You must create your password within 20 days. If you do not create the password in time, you can get help with MyHMCTS. You should check your junk email or spam folder if any email has not arrived.

Once your account is set up you can manage your organisation’s account at

Problems with the registration

If there’s a problem with your MyHMCTS organisation registration, we will contact the email address provided.

If your organisation’s PBA account number was not added when you registered, you can add it to the account later – see our guidance for managing your organisation.

Verifying your account

Each time you log in, we will send you a verification code to enter. The code will work for 90 minutes.

If you take longer than 90 minutes to verify you will have to log back in to request a new code.

If an expected code has not arrived after 20 minutes, contact

MyHMCTS account administrator responsibilities

An account administrator is any user with full access permissions to MyHMCTS. An account ‘listed’ administrator is usually the person who registered the organisation for MyHMCTS and can create other account administrators.

As an account administrator, you can:

  • invite and manage users
  • manage the organisation
  • manage case access for all users in the organisation

Anyone in the organisation can be an account administrator but they must be a named individual – you cannot use a shared email address. We advise that there should be at least 2 account administrators in your organisation, in case of annual leave or an administrator leaving the organisation. Existing users within the organisation can be appointed as an account administrator.

Get help with MyHMCTS

Accessing and managing your MyHMCTS account

Find guidance for organisation and user administration tasks in MyHMCTS

If you are having trouble accessing MyHMCTS, make sure you are using the correct link:

You should also make sure you:

  • check your internet browser is up to date – we recommend you use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (you cannot use Internet Explorer or Apple Safari)
  • clear your cookies and your cache
  • check your firewall and security settings

We recommend that you bookmark or favourite MyHMCTS in your internet browser. You should only create the bookmark or favourite once you have signed in and are on the homepage. Do not create it from the sign in or verification pages, or while you have a case or organisation open.

If you are still having trouble accessing MyHMCTS, try using a different device to sign in.

If you have an IT support team, they will be able to help with any device, browser and security issues.

If you need additional support with your MyHMCTS account, email We aim to respond within 5 working days.

Managing cases and case access in MyHMCTS

Find guidance for case administration tasks in MyHMCTS, including filing a notice of change.

If you need support with a particular case or with managing a case in MyHMCTS, see the appropriate service guidance to find out who to contact.

Find a list of links to service guidance in our guide on submitting or responding to an application.

Published 22 October 2020